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Ohio Swimming
Level 2

The Parent Working Group is made up of groups or individual parent volunteers that help with behind the scenes operations of the Sharks.

If you questions related to specific areas please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Lemon Shark and Hammerhead Shark Parent Rep.

Courtney Pianki

Mako Shark Parent Rep. Jason Bunger
Leopard Shark Parent Rep. Lindsay Raker
Tiger Shark Parent Rep. Amy Schopperth

Great White Shark, Pre-Senior and

Senior Group Parent Reps.

Helen Ellis-Jauch

Leah Avera

Lisa Gearhart

Fundraising Chair Bonnie Smith
Volunteer Chair  
Meet Director

Bonnie Smith

Priyanka Bole

USA Swimming Rep Craig Purtee


**If interested in volunteering for a vacant position (if applicable) or for one
of these positions in the future, please contact our Volunteer Chair at the email above**