Hammerhead Sharks

This group works in the big pool with the a continued emphasis on the proper development of all 4 competitive strokes. Swimmers should be comfortable swimming in the big pool and have a good understanding of Free/Back with some working knowledge of Fly or Breast.

Contact Information

The primary form of communication should be email when dealing with questions that arise during the season. Questions not related to the pool deck can be directed at the Parent Rep. If you need to speak with a coach, please email them to set up a time. 

Parent Representative:  Jackie Vollmer

Ability Level

  • Working knowledge of three out of four competitive strokes
  • Able to swim and kick 25 yards in 3 out of four competitive strokes
  • Consistent focus on proper practice habits
  • ​Listening and following directions

Goals to Reach Mako Sharks

  • Group progression to the Mako Sharks will be done at the coach's discretion throughout the season.

Practice Expectations

Hammerhead 1 should try to attend 2-3 practices per week 

Equipment List

  • Long Fins (Sporti or Bettertimes)
  • Jr. Kick Board