Senior Group

This group is composed of athletes that are serious about the sport of swimming and are striving to reach the highest potential.  It is understood that for members of this group and parents that swimming is their number one extracurricular activity.  Commitment before achievement is stressed.


Contact Information

The primary form of communication should be email when dealing with questions that arise during the season. Questions not related to the pool deck can be directed at the Parent Rep. If you need to speak with a coach, please email them.

Parent Representatives:  Helen Ellis-Jauch and Lisa Gearhart


Practice Requirements

Swimmers in this group are required to have a 80% practice attendance.
Equipment List
  • Short Fins
  • Kick Board
  • Drag Suit (Optional)
  • Jr. Pull Buoy
  • Strokemaker Hand Paddles
  • Finis Glide Snorkel
  • Mesh Bag