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Ohio Swimming
Level 3

We are looking for individuals willing to become certified USA Swimming Officials in order to continue an active on-deck presence for both our home and away meets. You don’t need to have been a former swimmer to officiate – just have a willingness to give a little of your time and become more involved in the sport.

Here are the steps that it takes to become an Official (Stroke and Turn Judge or Administrative Official):

Step #1: Attend the appropriate clinic for new Stroke and Turn Officials or new Administrative Officials.  The clinic fee is $6, the Sharks will reimburse you. 

Step #2: Register as an OSI Official. (This will make you a member of Ohio Swimming and USA Swimming) 

- https://www.teamunify.com/MemRegStart.jsp?team=czohlsc 

Step #3: Complete the website registration on usaswimming.org. 

- https://www.usaswimming.org/register 

Step #4: Complete the background check (BGC) with reimbursement through OH Swimming. 

- https://www.usaswimming.org/background-checks 

Step #5: Complete the athlete protection training course (APT). 

- https://www.usaswimming.org/utility/landing-pages/safe-sport/apt 

Step #6: Complete the following online open book test with a grade of at least 80% - "Stroke & Turn/Timer" for Stroke and Turn and "Administrative Official" for Administrative Officials. 

- Link to Google Form Test coming soon 

Step #7: Training Program (can begin once all the above tasks have been completed): 

Apprentice a total of 4-6 meet sessions; these sessions must be split among a minimum of 2 meets. After completion of apprenticeship and evaluation, full certification is granted.

Once certified, Officials must work at least 6 sessions within one year to maintain certification.  These 6 sessions must be split among a minimum of 2 separate meets. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of being an Official: 

1. Once fully certified, your volunteer commitment for the Sharks is fulfilled

2. You will be fed well - plenty of tasty food will be provided from Hospitality during the meets

3. Rather than sitting in the bleachers, Stroke and Turn officiating puts you close to the action while 

Administrative officiating reserves a seat for you in the office, away from the crowd 

If you have questions on getting started in the certification process or regarding the duties of an Official, please contact: Craig Purtee