WTRC Sharks

Swim Meet Volunteer Descriptions


“Every effort will be made to keep you in the position you sign up for, however, the Meet Director reserves the right to move volunteers around to ensure that the meet runs appropriately and according to Ohio Swimming requirements.”


  Volunteers-Please sign in at the check in table prior to reporting to your position.


ANNOUNCER-This volunteer needs to have some experience.  Please arrive before warm-ups to set-up the microphone and discuss the heat sheet/Shark Attack Heats with the Meet Director.


AWARDS-The awards will be set-up in the Hospitality Room.   The volunteer will place award labels on the ribbons, put the ribbons in the assigned team bags, and file the ribbons for the WTRC Sharks in the individual swim folders.


CLEAN-UP (After Session)-The volunteer will check in with the Meet Director for the written directions on what needs to be cleaned up at the end of the meet.  The volunteer must check in with Meet Director at the end of the job to make sure everything is completed for the clean up session.


CLERK OF COURSE (8 & UNDER)-Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.  This volunteer will organize the 8 and Under Swimmers in the Clerk of Course area.   They will also help the young swimmers get to the correct lane and stay in order behind the lanes for their events, remind the swimmers of the event they are swimming, make sure swimmers understand what heat they are swimming, and help them through the entire process.


CONCESSIONS/HOSPITALITY- The volunteer will assist the chairperson with setting up, selling, and stocking/restocking the concession area.   The volunteer will also help out with hospitality by delivering snacks/water to volunteers or restocking the hospitality area.


FACILITIES/CLEAN-UP (During the Meet)-The volunteer will empty the trash in the restrooms by the Rec. Center Swim Office, the hospitality room, and the concessions area. The volunteer will also re-stock the toilet paper and the paper towels in the restrooms by the Rec. Center Swim Office and clean up the swim meet area after the meet and any clean up necessary.


HEAT SHEET SALES-Please arrive at the beginning of warm-ups.  The table will be at the entrance to the pool by the bleachers.  Please sit in the assigned area and sell the Heat Sheets.  The volunteer will track and tally the number of heat sheets sold as well as track the cash box.  The Meet Director will pick up the remaining heat sheets and cash box before the end of your shift.  Please DO NOT leave the cash box unattended. 


HOSPITALITY/CONCESSIONS/HEATSHEET SALES-This volunteer will work with hospitality, concessions, and sell heat sheets in the concessions area.  This is usually a Friday evening job. 


MARSHAL-Please arrive prior to warm-ups.  This volunteer will be assigned to one of the four corners of the pool.  The volunteer monitors the pool deck during warm-ups and the swim meet.  The volunteer must stay the entire time. There will be 2 marshals at each end of the pool monitoring who is behind the blocks or at the opposite end of the pool. This is for safety of the swimmers.  Swimmers must enter the pool feet first with one hand on the deck. 


RUNNER- The volunteer will pick up the timer sheets after the last event on the timer's page, post the results on the wall in the rec. center hallway under the assigned age groups as they become available from scoring, and take the results sheets to the announcer in the Crow's Nest.


RUNNER for CONCESSIONS and HOSPITALITY SET-UP-The volunteer will help set-up concessions and hospitality, and possibly pick up additional items needed for concessions and hospitality.


SET-UP-The volunteer will be responsible for setting up and/or breaking down all of the equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) required to run the meet and any clean up necessary.


TIMERS-Timers must sign in before the official timer meeting.  The timer meeting is 30 minutes before the start of the meet.  Lanes will be assigned at the timer meeting as well.  Each timer will have a stopwatch and a plunger.  One timer will also record the times on the clipboard. The timer with the clipboard also needs to check and make sure the swimmers are in the correct lane and order.  The volunteer should always ask the  swimmer in the lane his/her name.  If there is not a swimmer in your lane for a heat, just mark NS on the clipboard.  Please only write the watch time.  If it is a distance event, such as a 500 free or 1650 free, additional directions will be given regarding the counting of laps and splits.