Before you leave home:

- Verify where the pool is and what time your child’s  warmups are.

- Have your child put on their suit, locker room use may not always be available and when it is, it can be chaotic and overwhelming for our younger swimmers

- If Heat Sheets have not been emailed out in advance, Log in to the FAST website (TU = Team Unify) and look up what events your child will be swimming in that day.  You will find this information under the events tab/meet you will be attending.  Use a sharpie to put your child’s event number, stroke, heat and lane on their arm.  If heat sheets are not available in advance, leave room to add their heat and lane when you arrive at the meet. Older swimmers and those with phones may choose to take a picture of their heats to use as reference instead of using a permanent marker.

- Have your child wear their  team uniform shirt - Friday evening session = Yellow, Saturday session = Green, Sunday = Black


What to bring to a meet:

- At least one face mask (preferably cloth). Swimmers are required to wear their mask at all times when they are not in the pool.  ------Disposable masks tend to fall apart when they are wet, so not the best choice.  Even cloth masks can be uncomfortable when they get very wet so a spare is a good idea.

- A labeled ziplock bag or plastic container to store their mask on deck when they are warming up or racing. 

- An extra suit “just in case” if you have one

- Googles - a spare pair is also a good idea

- Green FAST Cap - a spare is always a good idea, but coaches will usually have extras “just in case”

- At least 2 towels

- Something to sit on - a blanket is always a good option so swimmers can spread out/lay down if they wish

- Warm clothes - a parka, robe or something similar is a good idea.  Remember swimmers will get wet and need to dry off multiple times throughout the meet and they can get cold

- A water bottle

- Healthy snacks - While meets usually have a concession stand, they often do not offer healthy/light snacks appropriate for racing

- Flipflops or slides - Many facilities will require swimmers have shoes on when walking to the locker room, pool or concession stands

-Something to “pass the time”.  Books, cards, video games or other quiet activities are best.  Please do not allow your child to bring balls, frisbees or other toys that could disrupt the stands or crash area.


When you arrive:

- Find a place to sit.  Most meets will have a “crash area” for swimmers/families to sit while waiting for events.  Look for other FAST swimmers and try to sit as a group.  If there is no crash area, find space in the bleachers.

- Have your swimmer on deck 5 minutes before their warm up starts. (As in practice, parents are not allowed on the pool deck)  Make sure they have their cap and googles on.  It is a good idea to have them bring a towel or their parka/robe with them to warm up.

- Have your swimmer find the FAST coaches and go to those lanes.  Warm ups usually last 20-30 minutes and can be overwhelming to some swimmers.  If your child is concerned or upset,  be positive and remind them that the coaches are there to help.

- After warmup the team will usually do a cheer on deck before heading back to the crash area.  Coaches always remind swimmers to get their towels, googles, etc, but if your child comes back without something, please send them back on deck to grab it before it gets lost.



During the Meet:

- Some meets will have a bullpen, where swimmers in each event are lined up and walked to the pool deck, but some will simply call out the event number and swimmers will need to report behind their block without assistance.  Make sure your child gets to the bullpen or pool deck on time with their cap and goggles.

- Ask your child if they are in a relay.  Some meets will not have any, but if there are relays, coaches will notify swimmers after warm ups if they are in them.  Relays are at the end of the meet, so it is important to know if your child needs to stay after their individual events are complete.

- Make sure your child is staying hydrated, warm and is occasionally eating a light snack.

- Remind your swimmer to talk to a FAST coach after every race.  Coaches will let your child know what they did great and what to continue working on in practice.

- Head to the stands to cheer on all of our FAST swimmers!  

- After your child’s race, congratulate them on a good race.  Whether it’s an improvement in stroke technique, a best time or their first time swimming an event, be positive. Even if your child thinks it was a “bad swim” be positive (no swimmer ever tries NOT to go fast or get disqualified!)

- Remind your child to be respectful of the timers and officials - all are volunteers and the meet would not be possible without them.  ---Encourage your child to thank a volunteer at every meet.


Before you leave:

- Have your child check in with a coach and let them know they are leaving (this is a good double check in case your child forgot they were in a relay)

- Make sure your child has all of their belongings.  While most facilities have a lost and found, it is extremely difficult to get items back to their owners after a meet

- Throw away any trash and clean up your area