Principia Closed Fri 10/7 to all groups due to Homecoming - RPLX meet weekend

Pattonville CLosed Fri 10/7 and Sat 10/8 to all groups due to Homecoming - RPLX meet weekend

No Practice Sunday 10/9 - RPLX meet weekend - Senior 1 and Senior 2 not in the meet are welcome to practice at Pattonville Sunday 10/9 from 8:00-10:00 am

2022-2023 swim lesson sign-ups are now open!

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First and foremost, ALL members are required to volunteer their time at all FAST hosted meets, as officials, timers, bullpen, concessions, etc. FAST's volunteer requirements for team hosted meets are listed below. 



Have you ever considered becoming an official?  Offiicals are on the frontline of the volunteer efforts in USA Swimming and they get to play a part in the most exciting part of the sport, the swim meets!  Each team in USA Swimming is encouraged to have a pool of certified officials in order to properly play our part in supporting the volunteer needs in the sport at the local level. 

FAST is in need of more registered officials who are current members of the team.  If you are a parent of a swimmer who regularly attends swim meets, please consider the opportunity.  It is a great way to learn more about the sport and form some great friendships along the way. 

Ozark Swimming schedules clinics throughout the year for interested parties to begin the certification process.  If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact Jeff Heveroh.




Additional opportunities exist to serve as a member of the Board of Directors by contacting the FAST Nominating Committee, or you can assist with volunteer needs on any of the board directed strategic plan sub-committees.


Please consider supporting the team with your time and talents.  If you are interested in serving or have questions/concerns, please contact Angie Dorsey at [email protected]  


The FAST meet worker policy applies to all FAST team members.  Please review the information carefully to avoid fines for not working at FAST home hosted meets. The FAST meet worker policy does not apply to our swim lesson participants.


Swim meets require parent involvement and FAST needs stroke & turn judges, timers, meet directors, hospitality staff, safety marshals and much more to operate a meet that adheres to USA Swimming guidelines and sanctions.


Below is a detailed description that outlines all of the requirements for the year. Before you dive into the details, here are the basics of the policy:

  • If your swimmer is in a FAST hosted meet, you will be expected to work at that meet.​
  • If your swimmer never swims at one of the 4 FAST hosted invitational meets, you are required to work 3 sessions for the season.

FAST hosts 4 invitational meets each year:

  • October - FAST IMX Kickoff meet (SCY)
  • January - Too FAST to Freeze (SCY)
  • February - FAST Last Chance meet (SCY)
  • May - John C. Traube Memorial Meet (LCM)*

*This is our biggest meet of the season and we need all hands on deck to make this meet successful.  Alternate work assignments will not be made available to those who cannot be at the meet. Check your calendar early to find substitute workers if you know your swimmer will be in the meet, but you will not be able to fulfill your volunteer obligations. 

FAST home meets provide swim opportunities for swimmers and provide FAST with revenue to help keep the cost of swimming as low as possible for families.  To help support in these efforts, FAST requires all FAST families in any group, except Future Flyers**, to make a minimum investment of time and effort to ensure the success of these meets.  

If one or more children of a family are entered in any of the aforementioned meets, then that family will be required to work at that FAST hosted meet. The required amount of sessions owed per family will vary by meet as each meet format is different and requires a different amount of total volunteers needed.  


The session requirement amount will be set per group, with groups that have a qualifying time standard requirement to be in the group having a higher session requirement, and each family will be required to volunteer for the amount set for their swimmer with the highest amount of sessions required.  For example, if you have a swimmer in Senior and a swimmer in Rocketeers and the Senior requirement for the meet is 1 session and the Rocketeers requirement is 2 sessions, your family will need to complete 2 sessions at that meet.


If unavoidable circumstances occur and a family cannot work any or all of the required sessions for a meet, they may:

  • Ask another family to substitute for them.
  • Communicate with the meet volunteer coordinator to explain the circumstances and reach a resolution at least 2 days prior to the meet.

If your child does not compete in any of the 4 FAST hosted meets throughout the season, your family must instead fulfill a minimum requirement of 3 sessions for the year.  These sessions can be completed at any of these 4 meets in any combination that you wish.  Intra-squad meets cannot be used to meet this requirement. If your 3 session minimum is not completed by the Last Chance meet, your account will be billed $600 (3 $200 fines) on your March invoice as some families opt out before Long Course to participate in their summer league.  If you end up working your 3 sessions at the May meet, that $600 will be credited back to you.

If a family member does not show up on time to their selected session or does not work the entire session the family will be assessed $200 per missed session fine on their next invoice.

The intra-squad meets are typically short, one session meets.  When your swimmer competes in a FAST intra-squad meet, you will be expected to volunteer or your swimmer will not be allowed to compete in the meet.

The intra-squad meets are set for the following dates:

  1. September - FAST/CSP Fall dual meet

  2. December - FAST SCY Distance Meet

  3. April or May (TBD) - FAST Long Course Distance Meet

* *The only FAST hosted invitational meet that Future Flyers swimmers are invited to swim is the Last Chance meet in February.  If those swimmers opt to swim in that meet, those families will be required to work 1 session at that meet.