The Mission of the Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) is to have a nationally recognized aquatics program that emphasizes good sportsmanship, team unity, family participation and individual excellence of swimmers at all levels. The FAST experience will provide opportunities for social, emotional and educational development of swimmers, empowering them to face challenges in and out of the water throughout their lifetime.

The Flyers Aquatic Swim Team Vision is to excel as a member of USA Swimming, organizationally with the Club Recognition program, and competitively with the Club Excellence program.

In accordance with our Mission and Vision, all members of FAST are not only expected to comply with USA Swimming-mandated policies but to promote FAST values when interacting with other FAST members, coaches, staff, volunteers, facilities and other teams. The FAST coaching staff and board of directors are committed to providing a safe, positive environment for our athletes to be able to succeed in and out of the pool and to grow into healthy, responsible adults.

These values will be reinforced throughout the year by the coaching staff in practices, electronic communication and at parent meetings. Members not upholding our tradition of positive behavior in or out of the pool will be given guidance on how to model their personal behavior. There is a wide gap between not meeting your best potential and acting willfully against the team’s mission. In instances where personal behavior is threatening to others, facilities, the reputation of FAST or in violation of local laws, timely and appropriate punishment may be given to the individual(s) in violation of FAST policies up to, and including loss of membership privileges. The FAST Head Coach will evaluate issues of athlete or coach conduct. The FAST Board of Directors will evaluate issues of non-athlete conduct.

The following areas of concern are specific and the most common areas everyone needs to be aware of. However, this should by no means be considered a complete list. Below is the FAST code of Conduct:

  • All members – swimmers, parents, volunteers, and coaches are to treat each other with respect. During events where FAST interacts with other members or nonmembers of USA Swimming, they should be treated with the same respect. 

  • Use, sale or distribution of any drugs that are illegal, per local law, or banned as per USA Swimming’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy (other than for medical condition) is prohibited for any athlete or employee of FAST. 

  • Swimmers should arrive within 15 minutes of practices and meets, with the appropriate equipment/uniform, to be prepared to swim (but not earlier unless supervised by a parent or guardian). 

  • Bleacher talk should be appropriate for a youth athletic environment. 

Locker Room Rules

The locker room at all practice and meet facilities is for athletes to change clothes, use the restroom and shower.

  • Deck changing is prohibited.

  • Loitering in locker rooms is not allowed. 

  • Swimmers should not leave any items in a locker room that is not locked in a locker. If we do not have an agreement with a facility that we may use the lockers then no items should be left in the locker room. 

  • Parents and siblings of athletes are encouraged to use a separate bathroom from the locker room. 

  • Team members should report conditions in the locker room to coaches immediately inconsistent with a safe locker room environment. 

  • Cell phones are not to be used in any way in the locker room. 

Use of the locker room is a privilege.  If you choose to break any of the above listed rules, you will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension and/or termination from FAST.  FAST will not tolerate behavior problems in the locker rooms.  Anyone caught removing these rules from the locker room will lose locker room privileges.