No Practice at Pattonville Friday 9/30/22 for National, Senior Select, Select, Senior 1, Senior 2, and High School Prep

Select, Senior 1, Senior 2, and as previously scheduled already for Senior Select and National may go to Lindbergh HS Friday morning 5:00-6:30 am


The above Friday gorups, along with High School Prep may attend Sunday morning 10/2 from 8:00-10:00 am at no charge in September and October

2022-2023 swim lesson sign-ups are now open!

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FAST's Coaching Staff

Diana Rosen

FAST Head Coach and Director of Personnel

FAST Head Senior Coach

[email protected] 

Jim Halliburton

FAST Assistant Senior Coach

[email protected] 

Kurt Tuegel

FAST Lead Group Coach (Principia and Pattonville)

[email protected] 

Karen Lebeau

FAST Lead Group Coach Age Group 3(Principia)

[email protected] 


Andrew Westerman

FAST Lead Group Coach Select (Principia and Pattonville)

[email protected] 


Tony Hernandez

Co-Lead Coach at our UMSL Site

[email protected] 

Ryan Dorsey

FAST Coach for Age Group 2 and Select (Pattonville)

[email protected] 

Murphy Kinsella

FAST Group Coach Age Group 1 and Senior 1 (Pattonville)

[email protected] 

Stephanie Landess

FAST Group Coach Age Group 1 (Principia)

[email protected] 

Mark Gowler

FAST Assistant Coach for Age Group and Senior (Principia) and FAST-Prep Lead Coach (Lindbergh)

[email protected] 

Karen Kearney

FAST Assistant Age Group and FAST-Prep Coach (Principia)

[email protected] 

Rami Hanin

FAST Assistant Coach (Pattonville)

[email protected] 

Molly Dorsey

FAST Swim Lesson Coordinator (Pattonville)

[email protected] 


Click here to learn more about our swim lesson program at FAST, or reach out via the email address provided above.


Irma Hrsic

FAST Assistant Coach FAST-Prep (Lindbergh)

[email protected] 

Kate Nelson

FAST Assistant Coach

Mason Stimson

FAST Assistant Coach

David Reynolds

FAST Assistant Coach

Brooklyn Messenger

FAST Assistant Coach

Conley Savage

FAST Assistant Coach

Will Nickel

FAST Assistant Coach

Angie Dorsey

FAST Executive Director

[email protected] 

FAST Board of Directors


The FAST is governed by a board of directors consisting of a nine member unit elected by the general membership at the beginning of each swim year. Board members serve terms as provided for in the team bylaws.  The board meets on the second Monday of each month. Board officers are elected by the directors at the September board meeting each year.


We encourage member feedback, including questions or concerns via email at any time.  Members are welcome to attend open board meetings to address the full board, but are asked to provide a written request 48 hours in advance of the meeting to the board president detailing the specifics of what you would like to address and the amount of time you are requesting on the agenda.  This allows the board to prepare an appropriate agenda to meet the specific needs of the team while respecting the time constraints of all parties involved.


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email our board president.


Login to Team Unify to read the posted minutes from past meetings. They are located under the Board heading.