Dear FAST Family or Potential Member,


Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) was started in 2003 when two small swim clubs merged into one.  One of the visions of the newly formed team was to be nationally recognized. FAST sent one of its own, Nick Alexander, in the summer of 2016 to the Olympic Trials in Omaha, NE.  In March of 2019, FAST won it's first ever team Sectional title along with winning the women's title.  FAST swimmers followed up that performance by finishing 2nd at summer Sectionals and taking 3rd at Futures.  FAST’s success is underscored by the tradition of swimming excellence established by the FAST coaching staff. 


In January 2017, FAST partnered with the Pattonville School District to bring the FAST experience to another part of the greater St. Louis area.   FAST now maintains both our south St. Louis County location and our FAST Pirates location, which serves the Pattonville School District and the surrounding area.  Both locations compete under the same FAST umbrella at meets, but practice or attend lessons at their committed location.  Our goal here is simple - continue to offer excellent coaching and facilities to both locations. Even though these locations are separate and unique, FAST as a team is a paragon attracting the very best coaches and swimmers from across the region.


The swim team is an important part of FAST, but getting to the team requires an understanding and execution of all the strokes. If you are looking for swim lessons, beginning a lifelong love of swimming starts with good technique, even for those who might not want to join the team.  Our coaches love swimming and what's more important, they enjoy teaching youth to do it well. FAST Swim Lessons teach proper stroke execution and FAST Swim Team brings out the competitive spirit, drive, and develops the leader within. FAST is a uniquely different swim team offering swim programs for all ages.  No matter what your goals, FAST coaches are committed to helping you achieve and believe.


Whether you are considering registering for FAST at any of our locations, or call to schedule a visit to a practice or lesson to see for yourself what our FAST Family might offer you. See why we are proud to be FAST. It is who we are. It is what we do.





FAST Board of Directors