The 2022-2023 season begins August 29!  

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All lessons will be held on Sunday mornings beginning at 10am at Pattonvile High School during the school year.  Classes are 30 minutes and more classes may be added as class times fill.

Summer lesson times and locations will be determined in the spring.

FAST lessons provide an intimate way for your child to learn how to love activity in the water. Instruction is provided based on the needs and goals of the individual swimmer. The range is wide, from learning to blow bubbles to preparation for joining FAST's swim team, these lessons will ready your swimmer for a sport they can participate in their entire life.​

Our lesson program covers not only basic water safety and proficiency in the water, but also teaches the four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. It is the perfect lesson program for anyone who wants to be safe around the water and/or has the desire to swim competitively in the future. Lessons are for swimmers Kindergarten age and older and have an average class size of one instructor per four swimmers. For any questions please email FAST's Executive Director, or call (314) 852-5216 to speak with Angie Dorsey.

FAST offers swim lessons on a monthly tuition-based program. There will be an average of four classes per month. Students may enter the program at any time during the year and can advance within the program at their own pace. The current month’s tuition will be pro-rated if necessary based on your start date.

To cancel lessons please call (314) 852-5216 or email FAST's Executive Director [email protected] before the first of the month if you would like to stop lessons and she will be happy to assist you.





The Fast lessons are structured in a way that each subsequent level builds upon the skills introduced in the previous levels and work towards learning all 4 competitive strokes and building a love for the sport.

Level 1

In Level 1, students will learn to be more comfortable in the water as well as overcome any fear they may have of swimming all with the assistance of an instructor. This includes: learning to blow bubbles, submerging the face under water, floating on stomach and back, and an introduction to freestyle armpulls.

Level 2

In Level 2, students will learn skills independently under the supervision of an instructor. This includes: Floating on stomach and back, correct freestyle kick, an introduction to backstroke, and making forward motion on freestyle with a breath included.

Level 3

In Level 3, students begin building the foundation to learn Freestyle, Backstroke, as well as an introduction Butterfly. This includes: Breathing to the side in Freestyle, correct armpull and kick for Freestyle and Backstroke, correct body position and rotation for Freestyle and Backstroke, and learning a Butterfly kick.

Level 4

In Level 4, students will begin swimming longer amounts (12.5 yards or more), learn the full Butterfly stroke, and be introduced to Breaststroke. This includes: continued work and fine tuning of Freestyle and Backstroke, adding a butterfly pull to the kick, and learning the Breaststroke kick.

Level 5

In Level 5, students will be working on and fine tuning all 4 strokes and beginning to swim the length of the pool (25 yards). This includes: continued fine tuning of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Butterfly (including a correct breathing pattern), and the Breaststroke pull and kick with a breath and correct timing.

Level 6 

In Level 6, students begin preparation for Future Flyers as well as continuing to fine tune all four strokes. This includes: consistently swimming 25s of all 4 strokes, correctly pushing off the wall (including a streamline), holding breath off the wall, and how to do correct turns (whether it be a flip turn or an open turn).

Lessons can continue past this point for those not interested in continuing the swim team track.





Please check out FAST's FAQ to learn more about our program and possibly help you think of things you never thought you would want to know!


Since our inception in 2003, the Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) has been building a tradition of aquatic excellence by focusing on the development of swimmers of all ages and ability. Whether it is for basic water safety, or the first step in becoming a competitive swimmer, the FAST lesson program gets swimmers, aged three and up, in the water early and teaches them the skills they need to know to be lifelong swimmers. 


FAST Executive Director, Angie Dorsey, (314) 852-5216 or via email, [email protected]

FAST Swim Lesson Coordinator, Molly Dorsey via email, [email protected]

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