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Welcome Back

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NP Schedule 

*Check Twitter for weekly changes to the following schedule*

Day Location Time
Monday EHS





Wednesday LHS





Friday Summit


Saturday Summit





Be prepared for dryland Mondays and Thursdays when indoors.

I will update via Twitter if practice will be changing for any particular day.  Please email me if you have any questions. 



Swimmer of the Month

September-->  Our swimmer of the month for September is Gabe Cusanelli. Gabe has been maintaining a very high attendance of 95% for the past month. He has also been pushing himself more during practice and trying to hit those harder intervals. I am looking forward to another great season from Gabe. Keep up the great work.

October-->  Our swimmer of the month for October is  Taylor Cloutman. Taylor is always one of the most consistently good swimmers at any workout. She has done an outstanding job this month of choosing harder sets/intervals and maintained a 92% attendance during the month. She also had some great swims at the Halloween Howl. Keep up the great work.

November--> The swimmer of the month for November is Marin Lashley. Marin had a standout meet at Carbondale. She dropped chunks of time in several events and contributed a lot to the team as a whole. Her attitude is always uplifting and she brings everyone to her level. We wish her good luck during her HS season.

December--> The swimmer of the month for December is Haiden Schoessel. Haiden has been having a really great season. She works really hard at practice and has been performing very well in the meets as a result. She pays attention to details and works on doing things the right way. Keep up the great work Haiden.

January--> The swimmer of the month for January is Zoe Pipes. Zoe is always a hard worker at practice and leads by example. Zoe ended up with 100% best times at Senior Champs, and was the only swimmer to do so. Keep up the good work Zoe.

February--> The swimmer of the month for February is Louis Chen. Louis moved up in December and is quietly one of the hardest working swimmers in the group. He pays attention to details and always does his best. Keep up the great swimming Louis. 




New Sectional Cuts This Year







Other Notes

We will be using Twitter again this year for practice updates and changes. This is the best way to change or cancel practice at the last minute and make sure that everyone knows about it. When you sign up properly for mobile notifications, you will get a text message sent to your phone with the updates. I will still send out emails for larger chunks of information, but I can do Twitter from my phone anywhere, I can only send the emails from a computer. Please logon to Twitter, create an account, and follow NPUpdates.

You can always get in touch with me by email at I check my email daily usually so you can expect a response within a day or so.  Or by phone at the office Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-4 at 636-891-6633.