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Welcome Back

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NP Schedule (Summer)

Day Location Time
Monday 50m 8:30-10:30am





Wednesday 50m 8:30-10:30am





Friday 50m 8:30-10:30am
Saturday 50m 8:45-10:45am

Be prepared for dryland Mondays and Thursdays when indoors.

I will update via Twitter if practice will be changing for any particular day.  Please email me if you have any questions. 

Looking for Donations

We are looking for used Iphones (5s & Above) to use with an underwater case to video swimmers strokes. If you have an old Iphone and are willing to part with it, please contact coach Sean. It must have a working battery and no cracks that disrupt the display. Thank you for your help.

Swimmer of the Month

September--> Erica Mock

Our swimmer of the month for September was Erica Mock. Erica has been trying to push herself more at practice and has been doing a pretty good job. She also had a perfect 100% attendance during September. Keep up the good work Erica.

October--> Josh Shultz

Our swimmer of the month for October is Josh Schultz. Josh set personal bests in 7 out of his 8 events and swam very well in those races. The only practice Josh missed during October came the day after the meet. He finished with 96% for the month, and maintains a 96% for the season as a whole. Excellent work so far!!!

November--> Grace Tyson

The swimmer of the month for November is Grace Tyson. Grace is a tireless worker. She is always one of the hardest working swimmers in the pool and is always asking questions about how she can get even better. She also does a great job of focusing on the details we work on at practice. Keep up the great work!!!

December--> Sydney Pickett 

The swimmer of the month for December is Sydney Pickett. Sydney has been pushing herself more and more, and has been having the results to back up her work. She has consistently dropped time in meets where she wouldn’t be expecting to. Keep up the good work and see how far it can take you.

January--> Mackenzie Swope

Mackenzie Swope in her 1650 on Friday night of Senior Champs dropped nearly 45 seconds and got within 7 of the Sectional cut. She led off the swim with a best time in her 500 as well. For that reason and all of the hard work she puts in on a daily basis, she is the swimmer of the month for January. 

February--> Morgan O'Connell

The swimmer of the month for February is Morgan O'Connell. She started the month with a knee injury while playing racketball, but still came to practice 90% of the time. She worked on her pull, and being more efficiant and intense for a couple of weeks without using her legs. She made the decision to go to the Division I meet, without the expectation of being awesome, and she was awesome anyway. She dropped time in 100% of her races, including over 20 seconds in her 500 Fr. 

March--> Ava Wolf

The swimmer of the month for March is Ava Wolf. Ava had a rigorous meet schedule from the end of February through the end of March and she was able to set some records and times that put her in the top 20 in the country as well as making her first NSCA Junior cut. She represented herself and her team well over the past month. Keep up the good work Ava!!!

April--> Emma Knoesel

The swimmer of the month for April is Emma Knoesel. Over the last few weeks, Emma has stepped up her training intensity and is choosing to attempt more challenging intervals. She is also pushing other swimmers to up their game. Emma is always ready for a challenge and has a great attitude as well. Keep up the good work.

May--> Ciara Hynes

Our swimmer of the month for May is Ciara Hynes. Ciara has been working very hard the last few months to get her freestyle to where she wants it. In her past 3 meets she has improved exponentially in her 50/100/200 free, dropping of meeting her lifetime bests in those. She has always been one of the hardest workers in the pool and is a great person to coach. Keep up the great work Ciara!!!

New Sectional Cuts This Year

Josh Schultz--> 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 400IM

Olivia Dolan--> 200 Fly

Ava Wolf--> 100 Back, 100 Free, 50 Fr, 200 IM

Marin Lashley--> 100 Back, 200 Back (Futures)

Haiden Schoessel--> 100 Breast

Other Notes

We will be using Twitter again this year for practice updates and changes. This is the best way to change or cancel practice at the last minute and make sure that everyone knows about it. When you sign up properly for mobile notifications, you will get a text message sent to your phone with the updates. I will still send out emails for larger chunks of information, but I can do Twitter from my phone anywhere, I can only send the emails from a computer. Please logon to Twitter, create an account, and follow NPUpdates.

You can always get in touch with me by email at I check my email daily usually so you can expect a response within a day or so.  Or by phone at the office Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-4 at 636-891-6633.