Practice Schedule

 Upcoming Events & Updates

  • METS Long Course Kickoff- April 22-24
  • FAST John Taube Invite- May 13-15
  • RecPlex Meet Me In St. Louis- June 3-5
  • SWAT Grand Prix- June 17-19
  • CSP 84th Summer Invite- June 24-26
  • METS Independece Celebration- July 8-10
  • RSCA Get Your Best Yard Times- July19-20
  • Ozark Long Course Champs- July 22-24

Things to Bring to Practice

  • Fins/Flippers
  • Shoes and Socks 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Goggles
  • Kick Board 
  • Pull Buoy
  • FINIS Palm Agility Paddles
  • TYR Snorkel and Nose Clip
  • Mesh Bag to hold equippment

Swimmers Should be Prepared for Practice by

  • Staying hydrated (drinking water) throughout the day 
  • Stretching ALL major muscle groups 
  • Going to the bathroom BEFORE practice
  • Eat bananas and drink orange juice to prevent cramping 

Important/Useful Links & Documents  

Any Questions/Concerns please email

  • Coach Liz Knoesel for Silver-North or
  • Coach Shawna  Bronson for Silver-South