Below is a list of articles which will help parents understand the sport of swimming.

Are Supplements Appropriate for the Growing Athlete? (USA Swimming 6/3/2013)

Perfect Practice:  Getting the most of Your Training (USA Swimming 6/4/2013)

You're Missing The Point (ASCA 2/2013)

Should My Child Swim Summer League? (ASCA 5/2012)

Sports Psychology (ASCA 6/2012)

The Team Culture Aspect of "Success" (ASCA 3/2012)

7 Habits of Top Swim Parents (CSC 2/3/2012)

Motivation (ASCA 11/2011)

Goal Thinking Vs Process Thinking (ASCA 10/2011)

When the Coach is Not at Practice (ASCA 10/2011)

Playing Favorites (USA Swimming 10/2011)

Forged by Adversity (ASCA 9/2011)

Parents:  Are you a Winning Parent? 9/2011

So This is Competitive Swimming:  For Newer Swim Parents 8/2011

Teaching Hard Work to Parents As Well as Children 8/2011

But it's only a Relay (ASCA 8/2011)

Eliminate your Competition (ASCA)

It's Not about Butterfly (or back, or breast, or free). . .

Prelims and Finals (6/11 ASCA)

Kids Should Not Consumer Energy Drinks, and Rarely Need Sports Drinks (6/11 ASCA)

Fuel Your Body (6/11 ASCA)

The Awesome 8 Year Old (5/11 ASCA)

FAQ's for Parents - Training and Workout (5/11 ASCA)

The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids (4/11

Perspective (4/11)

Guidelines for Going on the Road (3/11)

Setting Goals:  The Parent , Coach, Athlete Relationship (1/11)

Learning to Prepare for Success (ASCA 12/10)

Practice Objectives And Routines - What To Expect Notes to Parents from the Coaching Staff (12/9)

Three Variables of a Swimmer's Performance that Parent's Contribute to (ASCA 11/29)

Playing Favorites (11/15 from ASCA)

On Praising Your Children (11/1 from ASCA)

Which Events Should Your Child Swim? (10/26 from ASCA)

Where Should Fast Age Group Swimmers Train? (10/11 from ASCA)

When the Coach is Away With a Few Kids (9/29 from ASCA)

Why Should a Club Finance it's Elite Athletes Financially? (8/2 from ASCA)

The "Stroke Guru" (7/15 from ASCA)

"I went to the results board to see how I did . . ." (7/5 from ASCA)

Grab Your Kickboard (6/23 - from

What the Coach Looks for in a Swim Performance (5/17)

Kids and Sport

Key to Goal Setting:  Parent Support

Stunned, Shamed, Thankful & Finally Helpful (an article about helping at meets)

What is Long Course, What is Short Course?

When Your Swimmer Continues to Literally Choke

How Can You Help Your Child's Swim Team

Watching Your Child at Swim Lessons or Swim Practice

Learning to Prepare for the Best

Swim Meet Basics

Eating on the Road

Fast Food Breakfast Choices

Fast Food - How To Lift The Guise On Healthier Choices