We are currently waiting to find out more about USA Swimming events and membership for this year.  Our Aquatics Director as well as head coach will reach out as we learn more.

We are giving our Stingrays swimmers the option of joining USA Swimming this year.  You are not required to join USA Swimming, but you will not be able to attend any USA Swim meets or championships if you are not a USA Swimming member.  (You will be able to attend any YMCA meets that may happen if you elect not to become a USA Swimming member.)  In order to be prepared for possible USA Sanctioned Meets later this season, we will begin collecting registration forms now and submit them as we learn more.  

If you'd like to be a USA Swimmer this season, please complete the following USA Swimming form and return to Carrie Ziolkowski at [email protected]mail.com by September 30th.  Please do not send your $70 payment.  As we process the applications, your credit card on file will be charged by the Y, and we will submit all team member payments to USA Swimming in one payment.  

Please email Carrie if you have questions.  Again, USA Swimming is optional this season, and we are not sure of the status of sanctioned meets at this time.  

USA Swimming Athlete Application Form