Summer Conditioning/Training Program 2020


- The program will begin June 15th and run through August 21st (Monday thru Friday). 

- You must have Household membership with the Gateway Region YMCA member to participate. 

-  Level 2 will receive 2 practices a week on Tuesday & Thursday 7-7:45.

-  Level 3 & 4 will have at least 3 practice sessions; Practice times will be 7:00- 7:45 or 8:00- 8:45. 

- Level 2 practice will have a maximum of 12 swimmers (2 per lane).  Level 3 & 4 practices will have a maximum of 24 swimmers (4 per lane).

- No use of locker rooms.  Swimmers MUST arrive and leave in their swimsuits. Swimmers will leave personal items on the pool deck, so please do not bring valuables. 

- Swimmers will use the restrooms across from the pool deck as locker rooms are not available. Please dry off before leaving the pool area and wear shoes at all times outside the pool area.

- All swimmers MUST scan in or check in at the front desk upon arrival. The Y will provide key tags for each child swimming. Please bring them with you each time you come to the Y for swift check in. 

- All swimmers will enter the pool deck through the red door near the membership desk. 

- All swimmers will exit the pool area through the door at the opposite end of the pool. 

- Parent pick up will be on the side of the building. Please do not enter the building from this door. Enter from the front door only. This door is for exiting only.   

- Swimmers under 13 must have a parent or guardian on Y premises.  Parents may use the fitness center or wait in the parking lot, not in the lobby near the pool. 

- Dryland will be offered Tuesday & Thursdays only from 7-7:45 with a maximum of 24 swimmers. 

- The price per swimmer is $100.  There will not be a discount for a 2nd child.  


***If you are going to be out of town for a week or know you can’t make a practice one evening, please let C.J. know by Friday of the week prior.  He will remove your swimmer’s name from their slot for the week. 


***If you are interested in switching times or picking up an extra time (after the first couple of weeks and everyone gets signed up), please let C.J. know, and we’ll have that as an option as well.


***If you make your own switch with another swimmer, that’s great!  Please just let C.J. know of the changes so he can update the schedule for our coaches.


Additional questions? Please contact C.J. Loehner (Aquatics Director, St. Charles County Family YMCA): or 636 928 1928 ext 318