Ozark Short Course Championship Results

2009 Ozark Short Course Champs

What an incredible meet!  CSP was “tunedý up for the meet and it showed.  In one of the closest meets in years, CSP finished in second place, only 90 points behind Rockwood Swim Club.  CSP won more Team Age Groups than any other team, winning the 10 & Under Girls, 11 – 12 Boys, 13 – 14 Girls, 15 & Over Girls, and the 15 & Over Boys!  On Individual High points, CSP had more swimmers placing in the Top 3 than any other team, Barrett Carlson was second in the 10 & Under Girls, Luke Sloan was second in the 11 – 12 Boys with Christopher Reichert finishing third.  Elizabeth Krane won the 13 – 14 Girls High Point with Paige Timmermann finishing in second, Maddie Wall finished second in the 15 & Over Girls, and Charles Du finished second place in the 15 & Over Boys.  For the first time at the Ozark Short Course Championship, teams were allowed to enter exhibition relays which allowed more swimmers to participate as teams in relays, and no other team had more relays competing than CSP!

CSP also had three former members inducted into the Ozark Swimming Hall of Fame.  Those inducted were former swimmers Jim Halliburton and Garland O’Keefe, and Mike Tchoukaleff as a contributor.

Congratulations to Maddie Wall and Evan Noble on achieving new Junior National Cuts.  Swimmers who achieved new Sectional Cuts are Cody Adams, Andrew Dalton, Joyce Du, Gabbie Inder, Elizabeth Krane, Easton Noble, Etinosa Ogbevoen, Maddison Qualy, Margi Sant, and Patrick Wall.

 10 & Under Age Group

Barrett Carlson won multiple events, while placing in the Top 8 were Tiger Chen, Lexi Daniels, Katie Jackson, Lily Katzman, Audrey Kelly, Erin Kelly, Geneva Lee, Melissa Melnick, Greta Nagy, Iyayi Ogbevoen, and Anna Reichert.  Placing in the Top 16 were Elizabeth Barrett, Hayden Camp, Andrew Denk, Declan Murray, Nichole Shearing, and John David Wiese.  Charlie Eversman, Eric Graham, Cole Harmon, Paul Illarionov, and Colleen Young also competed in the 10 & Under Age Group.  Audrey, Erin, Lily, and Barrett teamed up to place 2nd in both the Medley and Free Relays.

11 – 12 Age Group

Luke Sloan and Christopher Reichert both won individual events, while Max Bernstein, Maggie Cox, George Jochens, Aidan Murray, Ashley Reichert, Gigi Rill, Danielle Sikora, and Daniel Wiese all placed in the Top 8.  Placing in the Top 16 were Colin Derdeyn, Benjamin Edwards, Megan Malloy, Michael Nester, Nicholas Reichert, and Gigi Rill.  Alex Dunn, Jillian Franks, Justin Knasel, Vaios Kouvelis, Riley Merdinian, Samuel Oh, Mary Rater, Collin Schott, and Ellie Towle also competed in the 11 – 12 Age Group.  In the 11 – 12 Girls 200 Medley Relay, Ashley, Danielle, Gigi, and Maggie finished 2nd.  In the 11 – 12 Boys 200 Medley Relay, Christopher, Daniel, Luke, and George were 2nd, while in the 200 Free Relay, Christopher, George, Aidan, and Luke were 1st. 

13 – 14 Age Group

Winning individual events were Elizabeth Krane and Paige Timmermann, while placing in the Top 8 Elliott Barnes, Megan Crenshaw, Hadley Edwards, Easton Noble, Masha Podokshik, Madison Qualy, Claire Rater, Leonardo Rodrigues, and Michael Seifert.  Placing in the Top 16 were Haley Debandt, Cara DeBellis, Garrett Knasel, Rachel Kokenyesi, Bradley Riew, and Christian Wiese.  Also competing in the 13 – 14 Age Group were Meghan Bach, Corey Conroy, Max Eversman, Sarah Fauska, Ellie George, Mary Kate Hoerr, Will O’Shea, Jay Prapaisilp, and Nicholas Whitehead.  Masha, Hadley, Paige, and Elizabeth finished 2nd in the 200 Girls Medley Relay, while Masha, Paige, Elizabeth, and Haley won the 200 Free Relay.  Leonardo, Easton , Michael, and Elliott were 2nd in the Medley and Free Relays.

15 & Over Age Group

Winning individual events were Will Derdeyn, Charles Du, Mary Beth Howard, Daniel Miller, Evan Noble, Maddie Wall, and Nate Weiss.  Swimmers placing in the Top 8 were Cody Adams, Tim Benage, Andrew Dalton, Joyce Du, Alex Glogoza, Annie Goessling, Emily Highlander, Gabrielle Inder, Lanie Jochens, Bobby Jones, Megan Luhrsen, Katja Miller, Morgan Mullenix, Etinosa Ogbevoen, Taylor Reynolds, Margi Sant, Adam Sharp, Tina Sherwood, Claire Spradling, Merrill Thomas, and Patrick Wall.  Those swimmers placing in the Top 16 were Christopher Bach, Jack Griesedieck, Tom Maxim, Gigi Statzer, and Michael You.  Also competing in the 15 & Over Age Group were Vasian Markollari, Jack O’Brien, and Jana St. Eve.  In the Girls 200 Medley Relay, Mary Beth, Lanie, Taylor, and Etinosa were 2nd and Margi Sant, Claire, Maddie, and Morgan were 3rd.  Etinosa, Taylor, Morgan, and Maddie won the 200 Free Relay.  In the Boys 200 Medley Relay, Nate, Will, Daniel, and Adam finished 2nd.  In the 200 Boys Free Relay, Evan, Adam, Charles, and Nate finished 1st while Will, Bobby, Tim, and Cody were 2nd.