Carbondale Meet Results

Our first meet of the year was a great way to start the year.  We really don't keep score at this meet, however, they were posting the scores of the meet as if they were.  We were a point and a half behind a team from Peoria for second place.  What a fun finish!  This meet can be confusing for some as they allow us to convert times from the Short Course Season.  These conversions can be frustrating for some, but then when the final numbers come and Age Group Swimmers hit 100% Best Times, Varsity swimmers hit 98% Best Times, and JV Swimmers hit 93% Best Times, this is obviously a fantastic meet!  

Swimmers winning events were Annie Goessling, Elizabeth Krane, Easton Noble, Evan Noble, Iyayi Ogbevoen, Masha Podokshik, Christopher Reichert, and Maddie Wall.  

Those swimmers placing Top 8 were Tim Benage, Megan Crenshaw, Andrew Dalton, Andrew Denk, Charles Du, Joyce Du, Hadley Edwards, Alex Glogoza, Paul Illarionov, Katja Miller, Etinosa Ogbevoen, Anna Reichert, Ashley Reichert, Claire Spradling, Merrill Thomas, and Nate Weiss. 

Placing in the Top 16 were Katie Brodersen, Maggie Cox, Benjamin Edwards, Garrett Knasel, Alex Miller, Nicholas Reichert, Colin Schott, and Luke Sloan.

Also competing at the meet were Lizzie Green, Justin Knasel, Ryan Lutker, Quincy Mack, Steven Shearing, and Jana St. Eve.