Coach of the Day

The Wiese Brothers used their Coach of the Day priviledge that they won at the CSP Trivia Night and Auction last night.

John David began JV with a game of ball outside and them brought them in and ran them through a well planned workout.  After the work out he played a game of Sharks and Minnows and then finished up the practice with a fast paced game of False Start.  John David was well prepared with his workout and even had time to have it laminated!

Christian began Varsity practice with a fun game of Kick Ball!  The winning team was then allowed to choose a set out a bag that Christian brought with him.  We then played a day at the races before jumping into a game of Sharks and Minnows.  We then went to False Start, where the winnner was allowed to choose the last set of the evening.

Congratulations to the Wiese Brothers on a great Coach of the Day!

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