CSP Swims to a 4th Place finish at Sectionals!

Mark Imig
Mar 12, 2019

To say that this year’s Sectional Meet was a glimpse in to future meets would be an understatement.  After overcoming a rash of illnesses on Saturday, CSP came back to score more points than all teams on Sunday and moved up to finish in 4th place as a team!  Sunday’s performance is indicative of what is on this young team’s horizon for future Sectional meets.  The Girls also placed 4th overall while the Boys finished 9th.

CSP took 48 athletes to the meet this year, which was the most of any team in attendance.

Not only did we set Team and Ozark Individual Records, as well as Team Records in Relays, but we also had a number of swimmers post the 2nd fastest times in their events in the Team’s History, as well as New Summer Junior Nationals Cut, New NCSA Junior National Cuts, an Individual Champion in the 100 Free, and the runner up to the Distance Award as well.

Kledi Kadiu earned 3rd Place High Point for the men, behind his winning performance in the 100 Free.  He set new 15 – 16 Ozark Records in the 50 and 200 Breaststrokes, which are also the Team’s 15 – 16 and Open Records.  He also set the 15 – 16 and Open Records in the 100 Free, 200 Free and 100 Breast as well as the 15 – 16 Boys 50 Free.  His 200 Free was a New Summer Junior Nationals Cut!

Sophie Henrisken set the 15 – 16 Girls 50 Team Back Record, only to have it broken later by Ella Pearl, then to take it back with a New Team Record for Sophie and also is our Open Girls Record!

Lee Naber set the 13 – 14 Boys 50 Back and 100 Back Team Record, while 200 Back and 400 IM were the Team’s 2nd fastest time ever.

Lily Hsieh set the 13 – 14 Girls 50 Butterfly Team Record.

Lee, Kledi, Justin Pasquesi and Andrew O’Brien set the Team’s Open 200 Medley Relay Record.

Joanna Dohrman finished in 2nd for the Meet’s Distance Award, which is awarded to the swimmer who has the fastest combined time for the 500 Free, 1000 Free, 1650 Free and 400 IM.  She is only the 4th Girl on our team to ever go under 17 minutes in the 1650 Free.

Abby Wickersham posted the Team’s 2nd fastest time ever in the 13 – 14 Girls 50 Free, while Nora Lee Brown time in the 1650 was the Team’s 2nd fastest time ever for the 13 – 14 Girls.

New NCSA Cuts were achieved by:

Joanna in both the 1000 and 1650 Free

Sarah Donohue in the 200 Back

Eric Ji in the 200 Breast

Lee in the 200 Back

Andrew in the 400 IM and 500 Free

Maddie Palatt in the 200 Back

Winning an individual event was Kledi (also finished 3rd, 4th, 6th, 6th & 7th), while placing in the Top 8 were Nora Lee (7th), Joanna (2nd, 3rd & 8th), Paige Mitchell (5th, 6th & 7th), Andrew (5th & 8th) and Bella Snyder (6th),

Finishing in the Top 16 were Koji Barrette, Sophie Henriksen, Katie Knapp, Carter Murawski, Maddie, Ella Pearl and Abby.

Scoring in the Top 24 were Anna Scott Baur, Margaret Beimdiek, Sarah Donohue, Lily, Eric, Maddie Mather and Kellen Mottl, while competing at night in the Top 32 were Sophie Fredman, Parker Hagemann, Lee and Juliette Phillips.  Also swimming at Sectionals were Jared Fang, Nathan Lin, and Niko Theodos.

Relays were outstanding as well all weekend long!

In the 200 Free Relays, Abby, Paige, Nancy Hulslander and Katie were 5th, while Sophie, Juliette, Ella and Emily Schroeder were 22nd.  Also placing were Anna Scott, Jessica Briers, Audrey Dino and Sophie were 40th, Maddie, Sarah, Alex Fox and Sophie were 52nd and Kellen, Lily, Kendra Howard and Mary Dieckhaus were 54th.  On the Boys side, Andrew, Kledi, Justin and Jakub Petyniak were 15th, while Carter, Ryan Mauney, Lee and Jackson Fox were 36th and Steven Busch, Patrick Unterreiner, Eric and Benjamin Evra finished in 48th.

Scoring Relays for the 200 Medley on the Girls side were Ella, Kellen, Paige and Abby 11th, Sophie, Maddie, Lily and Nancy 16th, and Mary, Anna Scott, Katie and Juliette 19th.  Also, swimming were Maddie, Nora Lee, Joanna and Emily 41st, Sarah, Sophie, Payton Dunn and Kendra 53rd and Audrey, Alex, Lauren Beard and Jessica 57th.  Scoring on the Boys side was Lee, Kledi, Justin and Andrew in 9th, while Eric, Carter, Koji and Jakub were 32nd, JD Suarez, Benjamin, Wil Welch and Jackson were 48th and Cameron McCrary, Patrick, Steven and Ryan were 49th.

In the 800 Free Relays, scoring for the Girls were Paige, Sophie, Emily and Nora Lee in 4th, Juliette, Joanna, Abby and Margaret in 9th, and Bella, Maddie, Nancy and Jessica in 24th, while Alex, Kellen, Anna Scott and Sarah were 36th.  For the Boys, Kledi, Justin, Andrew and Koji finished in 7th, while Lee, Ryan, Steven and Eric were 35th, and Carter, Jackson, Cameron and Patrick were 36th and Wil, Benjamin, JD and Ned Mehmeti were 43rd.

Placing in the Girls 400 Medley Relays were Ella, Kellen, Paige and Abby in 7th, while Mary, Maddie, Katie and Nancy scored 20th.  Maddie, Nora Lee, Lily and Emily placed 25th, Sarah, Sophie, Joanna and Bella were 46th, Audrey, Alex, Lauren and Jessica were 57th and Sophie Thompson, Kendra, Payton and Margaret were 63rd.  On the Boys side, Andrew, Carter, Justin and Kledi finished in 9th, while Lee, Eric, Koji and Ryan were 32nd, Cameron, Patrick, Jakub and Jackson were 47th and JD, Benjamin, Steven and Wil were 55th.

In the 400 Free Relays, scoring on the Girls side were Abby, Paige, Sophie and Juliette in 4th, Emily, Nancy, Katie and Maddie in 10th, and Jessica, Maddie, Nora Lee and Ella in 21st, while Lauren, Bella, Audrey and Lily were 33rd and Mary, Alex, Sophie and Kendra were 58th.  For the Boys, Kledi, Justin, Andrew and Jakub were 7th, while Carter, Ryan, Lee and Koji scored in 20th.  Also, swimming were Jackson, Steven, Eric and Benjamin in 41st, and Patrick, Wil, JD and Cameron in 49th.

Thanks so much to our parent chaperones, Chris Fox, Joe Naber, Lori O’Brien and Mary Beth Wilson for all their hard work and planning with the meals and helping to take care of our swimmers.

Also, a big thanks to our Team Officials, Derek Brown, Greg Dohrman and Claudia Smith-Espinoza who worked many sessions during this meet weekend.  It is great having CSP Parents helping to run this meet for these athletes!

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