CSP Races at the EDWY Long Course Kick Off

Mark Imig
Apr 22, 2019

To say that the first Long Course Meet of the season was a success would be an understatement!  CSP went to Edwardsville and competed fiercely, broke team records and dropped a ton of time from the last Long Course Season!

Lee Naber ended his 13 – 14 Age Group Season adding the 50 Back Team Record to his list of records broken this past year.

Kledi Kadiu continues to break 15 – 16 Year Old Records, bettering the 200 Breast Team Record.

In the 8 & Under Age Groups, Kathryn Carr won an individual event, while placing in the Top 8 were Owen Dean, Kira Finucane, Emma Fouke, Evan Kim and Molly Moriarty.  Lucas Theodos and Chloe Toohey, both placed in the Top 16, while Daniel Rios also competed at the Long Course Kickoff.

In the 9 – 10 Age Group, Colin Cunneen and Mia Panic won individual events, while placing in the Top 8 were Reese Anderson, Keegan Brown, Austin Chu, Aiden Kim, Maitland Michaelson, Mia Singer, Ema Stojicevic and William Unger.  Vladimir Chapman, Nora Cooke, Jordyn Hamrah, Jane, Hill, Marc-Olivier Leguet, Olivia Shell, Alicia Williams and Arlo Ziolkowski all placed in the Top 16, while Mia Fuller, Wesley Givens, Olivia Hanes, Sam Hoberman, Brandon Hu, Ryan Moore, Claire Norris, Lily Steinmann and Kyra Welton, all competed as well.

In the 11 – 12 Age Group, Grace Coppel, Jacqueline Hu, Isabel Phillips and Lily Ta all won individual events.  Jackson Bespalko, Charlotte Brown, Abby Carr, Joseph DiGuiseppe, Macie DiGuiseppe, Wills Dino, Luke Gill, Grace Kraeger, Caitlin Kuhlmann, Katie Laffey, Sean McGinley, Lindsay Naber, Hannah Renaud, Camden Theodos and Lexi Thornton all placed in the Top 8.   Finishing in the Top 16 were Casey Chu, Natalie Claybaugh, Bennett Cuculich, Charlie Hill, Stephanie Rose and Madeleine Williams.  Sonia Archambault, Sarah Baron, Ella Cooper, Avery Cunneen, Anya Desai, Ovya Diwakaran, Cate Fear, Mika Finucane, Trevor Gatz, Parker Givens, Sylvia Hanes, Evie Harris, Ari Hoberman, Patrick Laffey, Andrew Nelson, Audrey Qureshi, Penny Riswadkar and Ella Welch also competed at the EDWY Meet.

In the 200 Free Relays for the Girls, Lily, Cate, Abby and Macie were 2nd, Charlotte, Meg, Lindsay and Grace were 4th, Hannah, Claire DuBois, Katie and Jacqueline were 6th, Mia, Emma, Maitland and Reese were 9th, Emma Welch, Stephanie, Kaitlyn Cragg and Anya Desai were 11th, and Bella Anadkat, Mia, Nora and Noemi Crall were 14th.  For the Boys, Luke, Sean, Joseph and Camden were 2nd, Charlie, Colin, Bennett and Wills were 5th, while William, Casey, Austin and Aiden were 7th.

In the 200 Medley Relays, Lily, Jacqueline, Charlotte and Grace won, while Avery, Abby, Isabel and Macie were 2nd, Lexi, Madeleine, Grace and Meg were 4th, Cate, Penny, Hannah and Claire were 6th, Reese, Mia, Ema and Mia were 8th and Sophie Goodwin, Stephanie, Bella and Maitland were 12th.  For the Boys, Colin, Luke, Joseph and Camden were 3rd, Aiden, Jackson, Austin and Keegan were 6th and Wills, Charlie, Casey and Bennett were 7th.

The 13 – 14 Age Group swimmers who won individual events were, Nora Lee Brown, Sarah Donohue, Lee, Juliette Phillips, JD Suarez, Niko Theodos and Abby Wickersham.  Placing in the Top 8 were Masis Bagautdinov, Jessica Briers, Trey Cunneen, Emily Dieckhaus, Sam Ellenhorn, Everdine Ferguson, Lily Hsieh, Anya Liu, Madelyn Schoedel, Adam Sutter, Xander Theodos, Henry Unger, Tommy Wickersham, Emma Wisker and Graham Zucker.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Aidan Brawer, Kathryn Chaves, Amelia Dino, Daniel Garza, Patrick McGinley, Maggie Nelson, Brendan Schroeder, Alex Snyder, Jillian Thomason and Hunter Wilson.  Also competing at the meet were Liza Brown, Erica Engelhardt, Emily Frazier, Nico Grassi, Taylor Hamrah, Teddy Kouvelis, Christian Marren, Marlee Singer, Austin Theodos, Kipp Vitsky, Kailyn Womer and Delia Zacks.

In the 15 & Over Age Groups, Koji Barrette, Kledi, Kellen Mottl, Andrew O’Brien, and Maddie Palatt, all won individual events.  Placing in the Top 8 were Lauren Beard, Margaret Beimdiek, Audrey Dino, Benjamin Evra, Jared Fang, Alex Fox, Jackson Fox, Sophie Fredman, Parker Hagemann, Sophie Henriksen, Eric Ji, Erin Lamping, Franklin Liu, Maddie Mather, Ryan Mauney, Cameron McCrary, Ned Mehmeti, William Pan, Sophie Thompson, Talia Warticovschi and Wil Welch.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Steven Busch, Samuel Garza, Grace Schaefer, Emily Schroeder, Emma Thurman and Patrick Unterreiner, while also competing at the meet were Jiabei Han and Evan Holden.

In the 13 & Over Free Relays, the girls took the Top 4 places, with Abby, Parker, Juliette and Sophie winning, Maddie, Bella Snyder, Kellen and Margaret in 2nd, Emily, Lily, Maddie and Jessica 3rd, Talia, Erin, Audrey and Sarah 4th, with Sophie, Grace, Sophie and Anya in 6th and Emma, Everdine, Alex and Maggie in 12th.  Winning for the Boys, Kledi, Andrew, Ryan and Lee, while Jackson, Steven, Jared and William were 3rd, Eric, Jack Bodnar, Wil and Samuel were 5th, Cameron, JD, Henry and Ned were 7th, Franklin, Niko, Tommy and Graham were 8th, Daniel, Aidan, Patrick and Xander were 13th

In the Medley Relays, the girls went 1 – 3, with Maddie, Kellen, Lily and Abby won, while Sarah, Maddie, Emily and Parker were 2nd, Audrey, Nora Lee, Lauren and Juliette were 3rd, Sophie, Anya, Talia and Jessica were 6th, Emma, Liza, Everdine and Grace were 8th, while Amelia, Emily, Madelyn and Erin were 10th.  Winning for the Boys were Lee, Kledi, Koji and Andrew, while Cameron, Eric, JD and Ryan were 2nd, Franklin, Benjamin, Wil and Steven were 4th, Graham, Niko, Ned and Jared were 6th, Adam, Tommy, Jack and Samuel, Aidan, Daniel, Sam and Masis were 10th.