Tideriders swim their own ages at the Spring Fling

Mark Imig
May 6, 2019

This past weekend we sent some of our younger swimmers to swim in the RSCA Spring Fling and we were thrilled with the results!

This was a swim your own age which is always a fun way to get to compete at these meets.

For the 6 & Unders Paige Haug won multiple events, while Nicholas Caprola, Louis Morrison, Adelia Schopfer and Henry Schopfer all placed in the Top 8.

For the 7-Year-Old Swimmers, Emma Fouke won all of her events, while placing in the Top 8 were Agustin Olive, Diego Carrero Archambault, Annabelle Crall, Thomas Goltermann, Kellie Ji, Connor Jostes, Ethan Miller, Audrey Moore and Lucas Theodos.  Finishing in the Top 16 was Max Etherington, Luke Nagasako and James Whitaker.

For the 8-Year-Old Swimmers, placing in the Top 8 were Leela Anadkat, Owen Dean, Kira Finucane, Charles Fleming, Ian Hausladen, Marissa Kelley, Kaedyn Miller and Landon Waldman.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Corrine Caprola, Christian Chang, Everett Morrison and Mariana Saenz. 

With the 9 Year Olds, Frances Igney won an individual event, while placing in the Top 8 were Wesley Givens, Brandon Hu, Aston Liang, Ryan Moore, Ella Silverman and Vivian Weitzel.  Ethan Klaus finished in the Top 16 while also swimming at the meet for the 9 Year Olds was Olivia Lin.

In the 10-Year-Old Age Group, Samantha Cohen, Samuel Etherington, Olivia Hanes, Sam Hoberman and Arlo Ziolkowski all placed in the Top 8

For the 11 Year Olds, Sylvia Hanes, Patrick Laffey, Stephanie Rose, Oliver Stern and Zach Withington all placed in the Top 8 while Parker Givens placed in the Top 16,   

With the 12-Year-Old Swimmers, Ari Hoberman and Lexi Thornton, both placed in the Top 8 and in the 13 – 13 Age Group, Kipp Vitsky placed in the Top 8, while Isaac Tung placed in the Top 16.