John Traube Memorial Meet Results

Mark Imig
May 20, 2019

Getting in to the swing of Long Course, CSP had two long course meets this weekend, with the majority of our swimmers attending the John Traube Memorial Meet held in Edwardsville.  Our swimmers continue to compete and race at incredible levels and we could not be more pleased with the early season success!

In the 10 & Unders, Aiden Kim won all his events, while placing in the Top 8 were Reese Anderson, Austin Chu, Mia Panic, Mia Singer and Ema Stojicevic.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Vladimir Chapman, Jordyn Hamrah, Brandon Hu, Olivia Shell and Alicia Williams.  Also racing at the meet were Diego Carrero Archambault, Katherine Rose Ellenhorn, Kira Finucane, Wesley Givens, Marissa Kelley, Sienna Kelley, Evan Kim, Audrey Moore, Ryan Moore and Lucas Theodos.

In the 11 – 12 Age Group, winning events were Jacqueline Hu and Isabel Phillips.  Placing in the Top 8 were Charlotte Brown, Asher Cole, Grace Coppel, Grace Kraeger, Sean McGinley, Lindsay Naber, Lily Ta, Camden Theodos and Lexi Thornton.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Casey Chu, Bennett Cuculich, Avery Cunneen, Owen Dill, Wills Dino, Owen Eisenbeis, Cate Fear, Sophia Goodwin, Hannah Renaud, Penny Riswadkar, Evan Wiley, Madeleine Williams and Meg Willmann.  Also swimming at the meet were Sonia Archambault, Samantha Cohen, Nora Cooke, Kaitlyn Cragg, Anya Desai, Claire DuBois, Mika Finucane, Trevor Gatz, Parker Givens, Chandler Grimm, Tyler He, Wenxu He, Marco Leguet, Camille Matlock, Andy Nelson, Will Plassmeyer, Audrey Qureshi, Nina Schuerer, Andrew Wang, Ella Welch, Emma Welch and Mariam Zakhary.

In the 13 – 14 Age Group, Trey Cunneen, Sarah Donohue, Juliette Phillips, JD Suarez, Jillian Thomason, Tommy Wickersham and Emma Wisker all won individual events.  Finishing in the Top 8 were Masis Bagautdinov, MJ Bezzant, Emily Dieckhaus, Sam Ellenhorn, Everdine Ferguson, Lily Hsieh, Anya Liu, Campbell Murawski, Madelyn Schoedel, Brendan Schroeder, Xander Theodos, Hunter Wilson and Graham Zucker.  Placing in the Top 16 were Amelia Dino, Caitlin Kuhlmann, Patrick McGinley and Graham Sagel.  Also competing at the meet were Elijah Bihun, Alex Cohen, Emily Frazier, Nico Grassi, Nicole Li, Maggie Nelson, Natalie Noonan, Mattie Robinson, Austin Theodos and Delia Zacks.

In the 15 & Older Age Groups, Koji Barrette, Joanna Dohrman, Eric Ji, Kellen Mottl and Abby Wickersham all won individual events.  Placing in the Top 8 were Lauren Beard, Margaret Beimdiek, Steven Busch, Audrey Dino, Jackson Fox, Parker Hagemann, Ryan Mauney, Cameron McCrary, Ned Mehmeti, Carter Murawski, Ella Pearl, Maddie Pearl, Niko Theodos, Sophie Thompson and Wil Welch.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Jared Fang, Alex Fox, Evan Holden, Katie Knapp, Emily Schroeder, Emma Thurman and Talia Warticovschi, and Andrew Seitz also competed at the meet.