CSP Swimmers compete for Ozark at Multi Cultural Meet

Mark Imig
Jun 11, 2019

Ozark hosted this year’s Central Zone Multi Cultural Meet at the Chuck Fruit Aquatic Center.  CSP had 19 athletes in attendance representing Ozark, as well as two coaches.

Ema Stojicevic placed 3rd overall for High Point for the 10 & Under Girls.

Making the Podium by placing in the Top 3 were Grace Coppel, Benjamin Evra, Jared Fang, Ema and Niko Theodos.  Finishing in the Top 8 were Nathan Lin, Xander Theodos and Lexi Thornton.  Swimming to a Top 16 place were Nico Grassi, Camden Theodos and Delia Zacks, while also competing at this great event were Sonia Archambault, Diego Carrero Archambault, Samuel Evra and Lucas Theodos.

In the 11 – 12 Girls 200 Free Relay, Anya Desai helped Ozark to a 9th place finish.  Ema helped Ozark to finish in 5th place for the Girls and Michael Evra’s team placed 5th for the Boys. 

In the 15 – 18 Boys, Nathan, Benjamin and Jared combined to win the event, while Lili Cooley, Lexi and Delia helped finish in 10th placed for the 13 – 14 Girls. 

In the 11 – 12 200 Medley Relays, Kaitlyn Cragg and Grace finished in 5th for the Girls, while Ema helped her team to finish in 2nd for the 10 & Under Girls and Michael helped the Boys finish in 8th.

Ozark’s 15 – 18 Boys Medley Relay was made up by the Tideriders, with Niko, Nathan, Jared and Benjamin finishing in 2nd.  Lexi and Delia helped the 13 – 14 Girls finish in 4th, while Xander and Nico helped the Boys finish in 5th.

Thanks so much to coaches Jack Davies and Darion Williams for representing both CSP and Ozark at this event!