CSP Wins their Third Straight Ozark Division I Championship

Mark Imig

CSP had a very successful 2020 Ozark Division I Championship.  For the 3rd year in a row, CSP won this meet, which is also the 3rd year in a row that CSP has won both the Ozark A and Division I Championship Meet. 

As a Team, CSP did very well in all the Age Groups, finishing in 2nd Place in the 10 & Under Age Group, 1st Place in the 11 – 12 Age Group and 1st Place in the 13 – 14 Age Group.  The 13 – 14 Girls also won their Age Group, while 10 & Under Boys, 11 – 12 Girls, 11 – 12 Boys and 13 – 14 Boys all finished in 2nd place and the 10 & Under Girls were 4th.

CSP’s Mia Panic won the Karasick Award for the Outstanding Female swimmer of the meet.  This award is given to a swimmer based on number of wins, Ozark Records, Top 10 Swims and Coaches votes. 

Individual High Point Award winners were, Mia (1st 10 & Under Girls), Nora Lee Brown (1st 13 – 14 Girls), Aiden Kim (2nd 10 & Under Boys), Austin Chu (3rd 10 & Under Boys), Brody Blatt (3rd 11 – 12 Boys), and Emma Wisker (3rd 13 – 14 Girls).

We also had some Team Records broken this weekend:

Austin broke the 10 & Under Boys 50 Fly Team Record

Colin Cunneen, Aiden Kim, Austin and Oliver Adkins set a new Team Record in the 10 & Under Boys 200 Medley Relay

Nora Lee, Juliette Phillips, Emma, and Lily Hsieh set a new Team Record in the 13 – 14 Girls 800 Free Relay

Emma, Juliette, Grace Coppel and Leah Renner set a new Team Record in the 13 – 14 Girls 200 Free Relay

Winning events for the 10 & Unders were Austin (1), Aiden (2) and Mia (6). Top 8 finishers were Colin Cunneen, Brandon Hu, Brodyn Murphy, Alicia Williams.  Top 16 finishers were Oliver Adkins, Jackson Brinton, Michael Evra, Marissa Kelley, Sienna Kelley and Avery Warwick.  Other 10 & Under swimmers who helped to contribute to the CSP Division I Championship Team were Olive Agustin, Sadie Cole, Olivia Hanes, Evan Kim and Lucas Theodos.

In the Relays for the Girls were:

200 Medley Relays:          Sienna, Avery, Mia and Alicia (5th)
                                          Marissa, Frances Igney, Kathryn Carr, and Prairey Maxwell (12th)

200 Free Relays:               Mia, Frances, Alicia and Sienna (4th)
                                          Prairey, Kathryn, Avery and Marissa (13th)

In the Relays for the Boys were:

200 Medley Relays:          Colin, Aiden, Austin and Oliver (1st)
                                          Brandon, Michael, Reid Haffenreffer and Jackson 11th)

200 Free Relays:               Aiden, Colin, Austin and Oliver (2nd)
                                          Reid, Michael, Brandon and Ryan Moore (13th)

In the 11 – 12 Age Groups, placing in the Top 8 were Brody, Charlotte Brown, Bennett Cuculich, Avery Cunneen, Macie DiGuiseppe, Wills Dino, Cabot Murawski, Hannah Renaud, Sophia Snyder, Camden Theodos, Evan Wiley and Madeleine Williams.  Finishing in the Top 16 were Chandler Grimm, Andy Nelson, Ema Stojicevic, William Unger and Emma Welch.  Also swimming at the Ozark Division I Champs meet were Bella Anadkat, Reese Anderson, Sonia Archambault, Keegan Brown, Samantha Cohen, Nora Cooke, Noemi Crall, Jordyn Hamrah, Sylvia Hanes, Wenxu He, Jane Hill, Maitland Michaelson, Audrey Qureshi, Lauren Randall, Elle Schaefer, Olivia Shell, Mia Singer and Ella Welch.

In the Girls Relays:

400 Medley:                       Avery, Charlotte, Hannah and Macie (3rd)
                                          Emma, Madeleine, Ema and Sophia (6th)

200 Medley:                       Avery, Charlotte, Hannah and Macie (2nd)
                                          Emma, Madeleine, Nina Schuerer and Stephanie Rose (8th)

400 Free Relay:                 Macie, Hannah, Avery and Sophia (5th)
                                          Madeleine, Emma, Charlotte and Chandler (8th)

200 Free Relay:                 Macie, Hannah, Avery and Charlotte (4th)
                                          Madeleine, Emma, Nina and Chandler (9th)

In the Boys Relays:

400 Medley:                       Wills, Cabot, Bennett and Brody (2nd)
                                          Evan, William, Andy and Max Boevingloh (7th)

200 Medley:                       Wills, Cabot, Camden and Brody (2nd)
                                          Evan, William, Andrew and Bennett (8th)

400 Free Relay:                 Brody, Camden, Cabot and Wills (1st)
                                          Bennett, Evan, William and Andy (6th)

200 Free Relay:                 Camden, Brody, Cabot and Wills (1st)
                                          Bennett, Evan, William and Andy (7th)

Winning individual events in the 13 – 14 Age Group were Nora Lee (4), Trey Cunneen (1), Leah Renner (1), and Emma (1). 

Placing in the Top 8 were Grace Coppel, Sam Ellenhorn, Daniel Garza, Lilly Hsieh, Jacqueline Hu, Anya Liu, Juliette Phillips, Alex Snyder, Xander Theodos, Jillian Thomason and Olivia Thurman.  Finishing in the Top 16 were MJ Bezzant, Laura Bonds, Aidan Brawer, Everdine Ferguson, Luke Gill, Grace Kraeger, Caitlin Kuhlmann, Isabel Phillips, Lily Ta, Lexi Thornton and Hunter Wilson.  Also swimming at the Division I Championship Meet were Jackson Bespalko, Karson Bluette, Abby Carr, Casey Chu, Corbin Cole, Kaitlyn Cragg, Emily Dieckhaus, Joseph DiGuiseppe, Claire DuBois, Cate Fear, Emily Frazier, Amalie Gierasch, Sophia Goodwin, Charlie Hill, Katie Laffey, Christian Lawrence, Lindsay Naber, Penny Riswadkar, Sarah Wallace, Meg Willmann and Kailyn Womer.

In the Girls Relays:

800 Free:                            Nora Lee, Juliette, Emma and Lily (1st)
                                           Leah, Alex, Oliva and Grace (3rd)

400 Medley:                       Lily, Emma, Leah and Juliette (1st)
                                          Anya, Jacqueline, Jillian and Grace (3rd)

200 Medley:                       Lily, Emma, Leah and Juliette (1st)
                                           Anya, Nora Lee, Jillian and Grace (2nd)

400 Free:                           Juliette, Emma, Nora Lee and Grace (1st)
                                           Lily, Leah, Jillian and Olivia (3rd)

200 Free:                           Ema, Grace, Juliette and Leah (2nd)
                                           Lily, Nora Lee, Everdine and Olivia (6th)

In the Boys Relays:

800 Free:                           Trey, Sam, Daniel and Hunter (2nd)
                                           Xander, Henry Unger, Luke and Aidan (10th)

400 Medley:                       Trey, Daniel, Sam and Hunter (2nd)
                                           Joseph, Aidan, Asher Cole, and Xander (12th)

200 Medley:                       Trey, Daniel, Sam and Henry (2nd)
                                           Hunter, Aidan, Asher and Xander (10th)

400 Free Relay:                 Trey, Henry, Daniel and Hunter (2nd)
                                           Sam, Xander, Austin Theodos and Aidan (10th)

200 Free Relay:                 Daniel, Henry, Trey and Hunter (2nd)
                                           Sam, Xander, Aidan and Christian Marren (8th)