JD Suarez and Nora Lee Brown Selected for the 2021 Zone Select Performance Workshop

Dave McCrary

JD Suarez and Nora Lee Brown have been selected to the 2021 Zone Select Performance Workshop that will be run on Zoom Friday June 25th, 2021. Usually the athletes are invited to a camp, but with Covid the format has been changed to a Workshop.

Selection Criteria

Each zone's camp will consist of 34 athletes from each competition category.


The fastest two available athletes in each Zone in each Long Course Meters (LCM) Olympic event is invited for a total of 28 male and 28 female athletes.*


*In 2021, we will expand the selection to include additional athletes. If an athlete who qualified in 2020 qualifies again in 2021, then we will invite down the list until we get to an athlete who did not attend the virtual 2020 camp.

Then, the top three IMX scoring athletes in the specified seasons in each age range are selected based on the specified IMX seasons:


  • LCM 2019/2020  (Female- Ages 11-12; Male- Ages 13-14)
  • LCM 2019/2020 (Female- Ages 13-14; Male- Ages 15-16)

IMX qualifiers will be selected by looking at both seasons combined in each age range.


If a swimmer was already selected based on an event selection, then the next swimmer with the highest score is selected.


Congrats to Nora Lee and JD!