CSP Wins Summer Sectionals

Dave McCrary

CSP has followed up their Spring Sectionals win by winning the Summer Sectional meet this past weekend in Lenexa, Kansas. The boys also defended their title from the spring and won the meet. Our girls placed 2nd again. We also once again had the most athletes in the meet with 46, had the most relay’s in the meet with 40, and the most individual races. We also followed up the spring performance and won the award for most Team Medals with 44 medals earned.

In addition to the team successes, we added 5 athletes to our NCSA Junior National Team that will compete August 10-14 in Huntsville, Alabama. We are now at a Team high of 29 swimmers. Those athletes were Trey Cunneen in the 800 and 1500 Frees, Jonas Hostetler in the 100 Fly, Ryan Mauney in the 200 Free, Ned Mehmeti in the 400 IM, and Juliette Phillips in the 100 Free. We also had athletes add to their Zone events.

Max Marcus broke the Team 13-14 Boys 400 meter Free record!

We had the following podium finishes for Top 3 Finishes:

Women’s A 800 Free Relay – Paige Mitchell, Anna Moehn, Sophie Henriksen, Nora Lee Brown 1st place

Women’s A 200 Free Relay – Anna Moehn, Madelyn Schoedel, Caroline Foltz, Sophie Henriksen 3rd place

Women’s A 400 Free Relay – Campbell Murawski, Anna Moehn, Paige Mitchell, Sophie Henriksen 3rd place

Men’s A 800 Free Relay – Lee Naber, Niko Theodos, Jaxon Bradburn, Ryan Mauney 2nd place

Paige Mitchell – 200 and 400 Free 2nd place

Eric Ji – 200 Breast 2nd

Anna Moehn – 200 and 400 Free 3rd place

Trey Cunneen – 800 Free 3rd place

 Top 8 Medalists

Lee Naber – 400 Free 4th, 100 Fly 5th, 100 Back 8th

Nora Lee Brown - 800 Free 5th, 400 Free 6th, 1500 Free 6th

Niko Theodos – 1500 Free 5th, 400 Free 6th, 200 Free 6th, 800 Free 6th

Trey Cunneen - 400 Free 7th, 1500 Free 6th

Caroline Foltz - 200 Breast 6th

Max Marcus – 800 Free 7th , 400 Free 8th

Joanna Dohrman - 1500 Free 8th

Franklin Liu – 1500 Free 8th

B Heat Finalists

Jaxon Bradburn – 200 Free 12th

Alyssa Dennis – 100 Fly 15th

Caroline Foltz – 100 Breast 9th

Sophie Henriksen – 200 Free 12th

Eric Ji – 100 Breast 9th, 200 IM 10th

Max Marcus – 1500 Free 10th

Ryan Mauney – 200 Free 13th

Ned Mehmeti – 400 IM 13th

JD Suarez – 400 Free 15th , 200 IM 15th

Wil Welch – 800 Free 16th

C Heat Finalists

Jaxon Bradburn – 400 Free 17th

Nora Lee Brown – 200 Free 18th

Avery Cunneen – 200 Fly 19th

Jackson Fox – 400 Free 24th

Jonas Hostetler – 100 Fly 22nd

Eric Ji – 200 Free 20th

Cameron Mc Crary – 200 Back 19th, 200 Fly 18th

Ned Mehmeti – 200 Back 24th, 400 Free 20th, 200 IM 21st

Paige Mitchell – 100 Free 19th

Anna Moehn – 100 Free 18th, 200 Back 22nd

Lee Naber – 50 Free 23rd

Brooke Punnewaert – 400 Free 19th

Madelyn Schoedel – 50 Free 23rd

JD Suarez – 400 IM 17th

Xander Theodos – 800 Free 18thWill

Niko Theodos – 200 Breast 23rd

Willem Thomas – 200 Breast 19th

Wil Welch – 1500 Free 18th

Graham Zucker – 100 Back 23rd

Additional Scoring Relay’s



200 Medley Relay

A – 7th Sophie Henriksen, Caroline Foltz, Alyssa Dennis, Anna Moehn

B – 16th Sarah Donohue, Emma Wisker, Paige Mitchell, Madelyn Schoedel

C – 18th Avery Cunneen, Nora Lee Brown, Leah Renner, Campbell Murawski

200 Free Relay

B – 11th Paige Mitchell, Campbell Murawski, Alyssa Dennis, Carsyn Cosman

C – 14th Juliette Phillips, Nora Lee Brown, Leah Renner, Emma Wisker

D – 23rd Norah Rutkowski, Shelby Bushong, Avery Cunneen, Hannah Renaud

400 Free Relay

B – 7th Juliette Phillips, Nora Lee Brown, Madelyn Schoedel, Carsyn Cosman

C – 14th Leah Renner, Alyssa Dennis, Caroline Foltz, Emma Wisker

800 Free Relay

B – 4th Juliette Phillips, Caroline Foltz, Campbell Murawski, Carsyn Cosman

C – 14th Brooke Punnewaert, Emma Wisker, Madelyn Schoedel, Erin Lamping

D – 16th Margaret Beimdiek, Leah Renner, Avery Cunneen, Hannah Renaud

400 Medley Relay

A – 6th Sophie Henriksen, Caroline Foltz, Alyssa Dennis, Anna Moehn

B – 10th Sarah Donohue, Emma Wisker, Paige Mitchell, Madelyn Schoedel


200 Medley Relay

A – 14th Lee Naber, Carter Murawski, JD Suarez, Steven Busch

B – 17th Graham Zucker, Eric Ji, Cameron Mc Crary, Jaxon Bradburn

C – 20th Ned Mehmeti, Niko Theodos, Jonas Hostetler, Ryan Mauney

200 Free Relay

A – 11th Lee Naber, Carter Murawski, Steven Busch, Jaxon Bradburn

B – 13th Jonas Hostetler, JD Suarez, Ryan Mauney, Graham Zucker

C – 23rd Niko Theodos, Cameron Mc Crary, Eric Ji, Daniel Garza

400 Free Relay

A – 9th Lee Naber, Jaxon Bradburn, JD Saurez, Niko Theodos

B – 11th Ryan Mauney, Steven Busch, Cameron Mc Crary, Graham Zucker

C -  17th Jonas Hostetler, Eric Ji, Carter Murawski, Jackson Fox

800 Free Relay

B – 4th JD Saurez, Eric Ji, Cameron Mc Crary, Trey Cunneen

C – 10th Graham Zucker, Jackson Fox, Steven Busch, Max Marcus

D – 22nd Ned Mehmeti, Carter Murawski, Wil Welch, Gavin Thomas

400 Medley Relay

A – 7th Lee Naber, Eric Ji, JD Suarez, Jaxon Bradburn

B – 15th Graham Zucker, Niko Theodos, Jonas Hostetler, Ryan Mauney

C – 20th Cameron Mc Crary, Willem Thomas, Steven Busch, Jackson Fox


Additional CSP swimmers who competed at Sectionals :

Mary Joyce Bezzant, Charlotte Brown, Jacqueline Hu, and Graham Sagel