New USA Swimming Registration

Mark Imig
  • As of 9/1/2022 – EVERYONE must create a PING account at regardless of having a current login/Deck Pass access
  • Non-athletes, adult athletes, and parents of a minor athletes will receive a link from their club to create as USA Swimming Account
  • For those unattached to a club, the link will be provided by the AZSI Office
  • Athletes 16 & 17 years of age may create their own USA Swimming Account in preparation for completing the APT requirement 30 days prior to turning 18 (Athletes will no longer have a 30 day grace period after turning 18 to complete this course)
  • ALL adult athletes must have their own USA Swimming Account to link up APT course completion

This has been a slow process to begin, but new swimmers have to register right away. 

To begin your registration, you must start with this link click here.


Online Membership Registration-Resources for Parents


Registering for 2023 in SWIMS for parents who are not USA Swimming members themselves

Creating a New Login for SWIMS 3.0 without Registering

Abbreviated/General Instructions for Registering for 2023 USA Swimming Membership in SWIMS 3.0

Instructions for Officials/Coaches/Admins/Other USA Swimming Members