Advanced Competitive 

For the swimmer age 10 and up who wants focused conditioning and wants to compete at higher levels.  Appropriate for experienced competitive swimmers, high school swimmers or athletes in more than one sport.

Intermediate Competitive

For the swimmer age 8-12 whose primary goals include stroke improvement, conditioning, and local competition; secondary goals of qualifying for Ozark Championships or Zones.

Emerging Swimmer

For the swimmer who has mastered freestyle and is at least beginning other strokes. Primary goals include stroke improvement and conditioning; secondary goals include local competition.

Monthly Practice Session

Primarily for high school swimmers while out of their regular high school season who want to stay in shape.  NO MEETS

Spring Warmup 

Primarily for summer only swimmers who want to get ready for the summer season.  NO MEETS.

NOTE: All swimmers are strongly encouraged to take part in scheduled team meets at a level commensurate with their ability.  However, competition is not required.