Training Group 3


This level of the Saluki program is a transitional group between the instructional base of the club (Jedi - 2) and the highest training levels (Group 4). 

Minimum requirements

  • Able to swim all 4 strokes with proper turns and starts.
  • Has meet times in the 100 distances of all strokes and in the 400/500 free.
  • Able to maintain the workload required in the group.

Additional equipment needed

In addition to the usual swim suit, cap and goggles, swimmers in Group 3 need a pair of training fins and a water bottle.


As the requirements indicate this group stresses training and skill improvement with a focus on meet participation. Skill instruction continues with an introduction to basic training concepts such as mind set, energy use, training protocols etc.


Athletes in Group 3 have a choice of different types of meets to attend. In addition to the team meets other invitational and championship meets are offered.


6 practice sessions are offered to Group 3 athletes each week. Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many of them as possible. At this level frequency of practice is important for improvement and future success. The time available to participate in other activities may be limited.  Group 3 practices Monday - Friday 6:00-7:30 pm and Saturday 10:00-12:00 noon at the Rec Center.