Training Group 4

The decision to move to Group 4 will be made by the swimmer, coach, and parent at the proper time assuming requirements are met. However, since participation in Group 4 has increased participation requirements, the choice to remain in Group 3 is a valid one.

Minimum requirements

  • Several practice performance requirements.
  • Displays interest necessary for success at higher training levels.
  • Attendance at designated team meets.
  • Able to maintain the workload required of the group.

Additional equipment needed

In addition to the gear listed on the equipment page swimmers need to be dressed for dryland training each day. This means appropriate running clothes and shoes. G4 swimmers should also bring a yoga mat for days in the Fall and Spring when we will be outside for dryland.


Group 4 athletes continue education on training methods, racing strategy, athleticism, and competitive development. They are expected to attend designated meets as part of the requirements for remaining in this group. These meets are identified at the beginning of each season.


Athletes in Group 4 have a choice of different types of meets to attend. In addition to the team meets other invitational and championship meets are offered.


Frequency of practice is vitally important to athletes at Group 4. Six or more practice sessions are offered to Group 4 athletes each week. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all of them.  The swim season for this group is geared for tapered and/or rested performance in an end-of-season championship meet in February/March and again at the end of the summer season.

The time available to participate in other activities is extremely limited and the notion that an athlete can balance other, time-consuming interests and maintain the requirements for this group are unrealistic. 

Group 4 practices Monday - Friday 5:00-7:30 with dryland 5:00-6:00 and Saturday 10:00 am - noon.  Morning practices are also offered, see Coach Thomas for details.