Jedi Training Group

Basic skill development and introduction to the sport

Our Jedi group introduces younger and/or new swimmers to the sport of swimming. Along with Group 1 the Jedi forms the instructional base of the club.

Minimum requirements

Children joining the Jedi must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Able to complete 50 yards each of freestyle and backstroke with reasonably good form;

  • Swimmers should have some introduction to breaststroke and butterfly.  Swimmer should also have some introduction to diving.



All practices are geared toward acquisition of the skill set, learning social skills necessary for group participation, cognitive skills necessary for successful participation in training sessions, and aerobic development.  In this group, swimmers are expected to learn how to perform all four competitive strokes legally.


5 practices are offered for Jedi each week. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to 2-3 practices per week and not over do it. At this age frequency of practice has little to do with future success and attending more practices than the child enjoys is not advisable.  Jedi group practices Monday - Friday 6:00-6:45 pm at the Rec Center.