TThe Saluki Swim School is the swim lesson program of Saluki Swim Club.  The Saluki Swim School is the entry point into Saluki Swim Club.  In the Swim School we hope to take beginning swimmers and teach them the basics of swimming.  When a swimmer graduates the final level of Swim School, they are ready to join the Competitve Team in the Jedi group!

  Our Swim School is designed to offer swimmers the opportunity to be a safe recreational swimmer, participate on a summer league team, or even progress to the Saluki Swim Club Racing Team.  Our swim school offers three different skill levels that focus on the skills that are the building blocks for learning to swim.  Our swim school begins with Level C, then Level B and finally Level A.

When trying to decide which class is best for your swimmer, you can use two things to make your decision.  First, if you participated in the swim school previously sign up for the level your swimmers was working on or the next level if they completed a level.  Second, if you are new to swim school, select the level which you feel matches your swimmer's current skill level.  You can review the skills in each level below.


Level C


Enter water using ladder, steps, slide/walk/jump from side.

Exit water using ladder, steps, side.

Blow bubbles through nose and mouth.

Submerge eyes, nose, mouth.

Fully submerge and hold breath.


Front and back floats, glides and recover to vertical position.

Front, jellyfish, tuck floats.

Roll from front to back, back to front.

Change direction of travel while swimming front and back.

Alternating and simultaneous leg action, front and back.

Alternating and simultaneous arm action, front and back.

Combined arm and leg actions on front and back.

Tread water using arm and leg action.


Level B


Enter water by jumping from the deck.

Sitting and kneeling headfirst entries.

Rotary (side) breathing.

Feet first entries.

Flutter, scissor, dolphin and breaststroke kicks.

Freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke.


Level A


Compact and stride headfirst entries.

Freestyle and backstroke open turns.



Elementary backstroke



Flutter kick and dolphin kick on back.