Mission & Philosophy

To challenge participants to reach for greater heights.

To inspire participants to find passion in all their endeavors.

To unite participants as members of a team.


Joining the YPAC Pirates requires a commitment from both the swimmer and his/her family.  Competitive swimmers work hard, but it is always about having fun and enjoying being a part of the team.  The coaching staff is dedicated to helping the swimmers achieve their goals, and a swimmer’s dedication is an integral part of this process.  Through commitment and perseverance, swimmers will find that they are capable of more than they ever imagined possible.  The swimmers will have to challenge themselves and each other, to become better swimmers, teammates, and people.  We appreciate the parents’ effort in getting swimmers to practices, meets, team-building days, and all the other requirements of just being a parent.


The coaches are on deck everyday to help inspire the swimmers to swim smarter, faster, and better each day.  This team is designed to ignite passion and drive in every participant.  Swimmers derive inspiration not just from their coaches, but from each other as well.  One swimmer’s success will spur another swimmer to a higher level.


The YMCA Pacific Aquatic Club is a team, not just a grouping of individuals.  Swimmers are expected to support each other in practice, meets, and hopefully outside of the pool.  Further, to us the team includes not only the people in the water, but families and friends that support the swimmers throughout the year.  All of these people involved with the team give us the support to build healthy individuals and a healthy team.