Friday Night Races

In an effort to provide our swimmers with an opportunity to race on a regular basis, we kicked off a new "Friday Night Races" series. This is a low-key, fun environment for swimmers to practice their starts and turns, and to gain experience racing the clock and other swimmers. These races are meant to help swimmers learn how to translate practice yardage into race effort and to gain confidence for when the races have more meaning. 

As a reference point for swimmers and parents, here are some links to help understand how swimmer's times compare to the broader swimming community. 

USA Swimming Time Standards

USA Swimming publishes a series of time standards for each age group and event to help benchmark progress. The standards range from "B" to "AAAA" with "AAAA" being the most advanced. Most of the swim meets that our team will attend are meant as open meets, or C,B,A meets, meaning there are not qualification times to participate. If I swimmer has not participated and recorded a time in an event, or has not met the "B" standard yet, then they are considered a "C."

The USA Swimming Time Standards can be accessed here.

YPAC Top 5 Times

If you are interested in the YPAC record board, you can search through the records here, or browse the top 5 times for each event.