2020-21 Fees and Commitments

Due to frequently changing schedules and training opportunities, dues are assessed monthly based on available programming. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Registration Fees

  • $99 Annual Registration fee charged at $9/month (max $200/family)

  • $25 Administrative Fee for registrations after October 15.

  • $74 Annual USA Swimming Membership Fee per athlete (no maximum per family)


  • Dues will be posted before the beginning of each month to reflect any changes to programming.

  • Dues will be billed the first day of the following month (ex. September dues are billed Oct. 1)

  • Dues are due by the 15th of the month.

  • A $25 Late fee is assessed at the end of each month if any outstanding payments are due.

  • Accounts over 30 days past due are restricted from meet sign up.  Accounts over 60 days past dues may be restricted from practice unless an acceptable payment plan can be agreed to.

Fundraising Commitment (Commitments have been reduced to reflect the current environment)

Families are required to raise funds in support of our team.  Fundraising commitments vary by training group ($150-300) and do not exceed $400/family.  Members are welcome to raise funds through PAC's organized fundraising activities or by direct donation.  Members are responsible for ensuring Funds Raised are correctly reflected in their account.  Unfulfilled fundraising commitments are billed at the end of July or upon departure from the team. 

  • $150 Bronze 1

  • $190 Bronze 2; Silver; Gold 3 Day; Senior 3 Day

  • $260 Gold 5 Day; Senior 5 Day

  • $300 Crossover 1, Crossover 3 & Elite 

Service Hour Commitment

Families are required to work in service of our team.  Service hour commitment (also known as volunteer hour commitment) varies by training group (15-23 hrs) and does not exceed 25 hours per family.  Members have many options for completing hours - PAC asks that all families make an effort to commit to at least 10 hour of timing at swim meets throughout the year if possible. Members are responsible for ensuring all service hours are correctly reflected in account. Unfulfilled service hours are billed at $25/hour at the end of July or upon departure from the team.

  • 15 Service Hours - Development Training Groups:

  • 23 Service Hours - Crossover and Elite Training Groups