2021-22 Fees and Commitments

Registration Fees (Due Now)

  • $125 Annual Non-Refundable available to October 31st,  or $15 per dues installment PAC Registration Fee (full year billed over 10 installments).
  • Maximum Family Registration of $225 for full payment and $250 for installment payments per year (no additional registration charge for 3rd, 4th athlete).  
  • $76 Annual USA Swimming Membership Fee per athlete



Bronze Annual $1,250 / 10 Installments $125 | Fundraising $200 | Service Hours 20

Silver Annual $1,500 / 10 Installments $150 | Fundraising $250 | Service Hours 20

Gold 3 Annual $1,500 / 10 Installments $150 | Fundraising $250 | Service Hours 20

Gold 5  Annual $1,850 / 10 Installments $185 | Fundraising $250 | Service Hours 20

Senior Annual $1,850 / 10 Installments $185 | Fundraising $300 | Service Hours 20

Performance 3 Annual $2,200 / 10 Installments $220 | Fundraising $300 | Service Hours 30

Performance 2 Annual $2,650 / 10 Installments $265 | Fundraising $400 | Service Hours 30

Performance 1 Annual $2,650 / 10 Installments $265 | Fundraising $400 | Service Hours 30


  • Billing begins Oct. 1st and runs 10 months  until July 1st for those registerd prior to October 31st.  Those registered after October 31st will also have a 1/2  Dues installment and registration fee on August 1st.  
  • Dues are due by the 15th of the month.
  • A $25 Late fee is assessed at the end of each month if any outstanding payments are due.
  • Accounts over 30 days past due are restricted from meet sign up.  Accounts over 60 days past dues may be restricted from practice unless an acceptable payment plan can be agreed to.

PAC provides an Annual Dues Discount for families with 2 or more swimmers on the same account.  Highest level swimmer pays full dues, 2nd swimmer receives 10% discount on dues, 3rd swimmer receives 20% discount on dues, 4 or more receives a 50% discount.

Fundraising Commitment

Families are required to raise funds in support of our team.  Fundraising commitments vary by training group ($200-$400) and do not exceed $450/family.  Members are welcome to raise funds thorough PAC's organized fundraising activites or by direct donation.  Members are responsible for ensuring Funds Raised are correctly reflected in their account.  Unfulfilled fundraising commitments are billed August 15th or upon departure from the team.

New this year, once required volunteer hours have been completed, addtional volunteer hours will be credited towards required fundraising requirements at a rate of $25/hour.  

  • $200 Bronze 
  • $250 Silver; Gold 3/5
  • $300 Senior; P3 
  • $400 P1; P2  

Service Hour Commitment

Families are required to work in service of our team.  Service hour commitment (also known as volunteer hour commitment) varies by training group (20-30 hrs) and does not exceed 30 hours per family.  Members have many options for completing hours - PAC asks that all families make an effort to commit to at least 10 hour of timing/officiating at swim meets throughout the year if possible. Members are responsible for ensuring all service hours are correctly reflected in account. Unfulfilled service hours are billed at $25/hour on August 15th or upon departure from the team.

  • 20 Service Hours - Bronze, Silver, Gold 3/5, Senior
  • 30 Service Hours - P3, P2, P1

Meet Fees

  • Families are responsible for covering all meet related fees for meets entered, including event fees, facility surcharge, PAC surcharge etc.  Meet fees can range from $20 to $60+ depending on type and level of meet, and number events entered. A PAC meet entry surchage is assessed for each meet to aid in covering costs of coaching staff attending the meet.
    • $20 Regular Meets
    • $30 Championship meets (includes cost of required Championship T-shirt and Cap)
  • Once meet entry deadline has passed and entries are submitted to the Host Team they can not be refunded to PAC or to Families. Families are responsible for commiting athletes to meets, noting registration deadlines, and checking meet entry drafts for accuracy.

PAC Team Uniform

  • All PAC swimmers are provided with a Team Swim Cap and Team T-Shirt with registration. 
  • Performance Group swimmers are required to purchase a PAC Team Warm-Up Jacket.  NEW ARENA TEAM JACKET REQUIRED FOR ALL PERFORMANCE GROUP SWIMMERS - We are reviewing our Arena Contract and will provide additional information.  When that is finalized, we will share the required uniform.  Thank you for your patience.  
  • PAC competition suits are now ARENA BRAND
  • PAC has chosen to not enforce a regimented dress code for daily practice - In Lieu of a dress code, PAC asks all swimmers to wear suits with "adequate coverage".  This means that suits are in good shape (not disintegrating) and stay affixed to the body during vigorous workouts including diving.