2021-22 PAC Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/17/21 - 7/27/22

Open for New Members

8/17/21 - 7/27/22


Welcome to Portland Aquatic Club's ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 2021-22 swim seasons.


Please note that registration must be completed for all returning swimmers prior to attending the first practice.  Swimmers applying for scholarships must complete the 2021-22 PAC Scholarship Application AND also complete the PAC registration.   If you are applying for registration fee assistance please complete registration by selecting pay by check option. Swimmers who are new to the team may swim up to 3 weeks after being accepted to the team by coach while registration is being processed.

To complete registration you will be required enter your account information (for new members), or review and update your account information (for returning members).  

Register in your current group or best estimate and these will be reviewed and approved by our coaches



The first day of Fall Training is Sept 7th!

Agree to PAC waivers and codes of conduct, and pay all annual registration fees via credit card.  Should you have any outstanding balance from the 2020-21 season it will be added at checkout.  

We are looking forward to another great year of swimming with you!

PAC Coaches and Administration


PAC is a year-round swim club. Assessed annual PAC Dues are divided into 10 equal payments billed October 1st through July 1st.   

PAC's Annual Registration fee can either be paid in full during the registration process in the unrefundable amount of $125, or have their registration fee added to their 10 installments in the amount of $15 per installment. 

 At checkout, If you do not select Full Registration payment, you will be defaulted to the monthly option. Those joining after October 31st will pay a $35 registration fee in addition to the monthly registration fee of $15 that is billed with your monthly Dues and Meet Fees installment.  Full payment of registration is only available for registrations completed by October 31st.   

The USA and Oregon Swimming of $76/athlete is a separate fee that will need to be paid in full at the completion of the registration process.   

Payments must be received by the 15th of the month.  A $25 late fee is assessed for all accounts with outstanding payments at the end of each month. 

PAC does not waive dues for unforeseen circumstances including facility closure or unexpected practice cancellation, however PAC will make every effort to work with Portland Parks and Recreation and the community to find alternative options when necessary.  Athlete leave of absence is only granted to those with medical reasons or traumatic life event.  Athletes withdrawing from the program must inform their coach and are responsible for closing out accounts with our account administrator - covering pro-rated fundraising and service hour commitments and any outstanding meet or miscellaneous fees. Space will be offered to those on the waiting list.  If at a future date within the same season the athlete choses to re-join PAC, the registration fee and all other applicable charges will be billed again.

PAC ELLERTSON FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Applications for registration fee and dues assistance are available on a case by case basis from the PAC Ellertson Family Scholarship Fund.  To apply:  You must register for PAC and also complete an application for scholarship. .  FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION at swimpac.org under the "About Tab/Scholarships". Scholarships are granted and families notified prior to the first dues billing Oct. 1st. If you have applied for registration fee assistance please select the pay by check option to complete your registration.   

Please Note that due to the high cost of credit card processing fees PAC recommends ACH as preferred option for monthly dues.

ACH is not an option during registration. Credit card payment for registration is preferred and the processing fee will be billed to the transaction.  If the credit card fee is an undo burden please select "pay by check" option in the registration module and promptly place a check in the mail (PAC, 3519 NE 15th Ave #527, Portland, OR 97212).  Registration Checks must be received within 7 days of registration or registration will be declined and swimmer will not be eligible to practice. (Exceptions granted for those who have applied for registration assistance through the Ellertson Family Scholarship Fund).

To sign up for ACH for all future monthly billings at "no cost to you" please do the following after registration has been processed: My Account > Set Up Auto Pay > Payment Set Up > add bank account. Note: ACH is processed the first of every month.

Credit Card payment with fee of 2.95% and $0.30 per transaction will be maintained as a convenience option for those who prefer for monthly payments and for on demand payments.

PAC also has Volunteer and Fundraising requirements based on training group. 

New this year, once required volunteer hours have been completed, addtional volunteer hours will be credited towards required fundraising requirements at a rate of $25/hour.  

Questions about Billing? PLEASE EMAIL  [email protected]