Prior to registering, all potential new members must first tryout.  Below are the necessary skills (from minimum to strongly recommended) to assure your swimmer has a positive and successful experience.  

Minimum Skills 

Successfully passed “Dolphin” level at Portland Parks and Recreation or able to complete a “legal” 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and dive off starting block. Ability to complete 50 yards of fly strongly recommended.

Recommended Skills

Successfully passed “Park Shark” level at Portland Parks and Recreation or able to complete “legal” 100 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, fly, racing dive off the starting block, and flip turn.

Strongly Recommended Skills

Prospective year-round swimmers ideally have experience with competitive swimming. Examples include Portland Parks and Recreation Blue Makos, Summer Swim League, or equivalent programs.

Once you have determined your swimmer meets the skills outlined above, contact the head coach at your desired site pool to schedule a tryout.  After the tryout, the head coach will talk with you about registration. 

Columbia Pool  (2.05 space available)- Coach Charlie

Mt. Scott Pool (2.05 space available) - Coach Jesse 

Southwest Community Center (2.05 currently full with a waitlist) - Coach Danny

Dishman Pool - Coach Jody - please note this pool has very limited space for swimmers who meet the Elite standards.

For any questions about our billing or fundraising and volunteer requirements, please contact our Account Manager Mary McLaughlin.