Choosing a college is a big decision and adding the possibility of being a collegiate athlete can make it more complicated.  Some swimmers may get calls, letters, or emails from colleges telling them about their programs but most will not.  It is up to you to make first contact with a team.  Here is a timeline to help get you started and five things to consider about college. 

Interested in swimming in college?

Most teams have websites and they ask you to go to the recruits page to register.  We have spoken to many coaches (notes from USA Convention 2015) and they want to see leadership skills, grades, and your swimming times.  They look at times from High School state, Sectionals, and other big meets or through professional recruiters (not agents) before bringing you onto their team.  Keep in mind there are more scholarships and financial aid for academics than there are for swimming due to NCAA and school budgets.  Here is an article from titled, What does a College Coach Look For? 

Additional Resources

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2016-17 USA Swimming Convention Presentation about College Recruiting -
by Coach Jon Maccoll - a must read click HERE

On the NCAA website, you can get information on Initial Eligibility/Clearinghouse (see your High School guidance counselor).   You should take care of this paperwork before your junior year. In 2017, the cost was $80 and this step must be done before you take a trip to a school.  On this webiste, carefully read Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete with your parents and club coach. 

Athletic Scholarship: An athletic scholarship is a one-year contract between you and a Division I or Division II institution. A school can reduce or cancel a scholarship if you become ineligible for competition, fraudulently misrepresent yourself, quit the team or engage in serious misconduct. During the contract year, a coach cannot reduce or cancel your scholarship on the basis of your athletic ability, performance, or injury. An institution may choose to not renew a scholarship at the end of the academic term provided they notify you in writing and provide you an opportunity for a hearing.

Remember a coach cannot offer you a "four-year full-ride scholarship." They do not exist. Each student athlete award is reviewed annually. It is important to ask current collegiate swimmers if they are still on scholarship. Parents, it is not uncommon for a college program to offer and renew an athletic scholarship for the first 2-3 years of college and then ask the student to pay full tuition for the remainder of their college career.

National Letter of Intent: The National Letter of Intent is administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Association (not the NCAA). When you sign the National Letter of Intent you agree to attend the institution with which you signed for one academic year in exchange for the institution awarding financial aid, including athletics aid, for one academic year.

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Sid Farber- University of Denver
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