Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

Julie Norton
Nov 8, 2018

Thank You!

What a great meet!  We would like to express on behalf of the Board our gratitude to the PAC community in stepping up to make the 2018 Amy Eha Memorial Fall In such a successful event.  We saw some great swims, heard a lot of cheering, and hopefully met some new folks.  We wish we could list you all but think we would be listing the team family roster, so we will go with a thank YOU! 

 An incredible amount of pre-work goes into setting up a meet and sets the tone for success - thank you! There are a few folks we would like to single out:

  • Zoya Brown our Meet Director
  • Patti Perkins our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hai Ta our newly minted Administration Offical

We'll continue to have volunteer opportunities thoughout the year so don't be afraid to jump in and try something new.  Also, please continue to share the Columbia Employee Store Passes, they are good through the month of November.  If you need more, please reach out to your awesome Pool Parent and we'll distribute until they are gone.  

Thank you!
Lia Mills & Lee Cannon