PASL Nov 16th

Jesse Raskauskas
Nov 19, 2018

This was a really fun meet! A big shout out to all the parents who were willing to brave the insane Friday traffic for their kids to be at this meet! We had some amazing swims and kids trying new things in a race situation that they weren't quite ready to try at a meet with officials. The atmosphere was fun and we had kids making new friends and cheering on their teammates! There were some technical difficulties which cause a swimmer to have to swim their event twice, but they did it and swam their hardest both times!!! I'm so proud of each and every swimmer at that meet for pushing themselves, making new friends and trying their hardest overall! GO PAC!!!

Some of the best times and new times from this meet 
Event #2 Lucas Kugel dropped 1.19 seconds off his seed time for a time of 19.84
and Leela Cobb Rodrigues went from a NT to a 20.88 amd Ethan Lee went to a 29.34 from a no time.
Event #3 had Keelin Shockley dropping nearly a second in her 100 free from 1:26.19- 1:25.25
Event #4 had Charlotte Ames going her exact seed time at a 32.62, and Caio Cobb Rodrigues going a 38.11 from a NT
Event #6 we had Emma Lee swimming a 26.50 for her PR
Event #7 saw a number of PRs and best times with Orion Upham going from a 1:32.55-1:29.54, Seneca Wahab-Holles going from a 1:35.02-1:32.94, Mahala-Mwaka Melcher going from a 1:43.28- 1:39.49, Karen Higashi Marcel went a 1:44.80 from a NT, and Mariana Morton went a 1:47.52 from a NT
Event #8 Zach Melaku went from a 45.34-44.10, Henry Merrill dropped from 47.90 to 46.72, Katherine Herring went 48.92 breaking 50 seconds with her previous time being 51.61, Karen Higashi Marcal went 49.81-49.43, and we had 2 no times going in with Marcus Magnamo swimming a 56.93, and Jiajia Joslin swimming a 1:01.57
Event #10 we had Lucas Kugel go a 24.14 from a 24.65 seed, Leela Cobb Rodrigues swam a 26.56 from a NT, Ethan Lee swam a 42.66 from a NT
Event #11 had 2 best times and a PR from a NT, Mariana Morton 1:44.92-1:32.28, Katherine Herring 1:36.79-1:36.75, and Caio Cobb Rodrigues 1:42.28
Event #12 had Mahala-Mwaka Melcher going 39.26 from 39.71, Emma Lee breaking a minute wiht a 58.32 from 1:00.10, and Jiajia Joslin swimming the race for the first time with a 59.46
Event #15 showed Lizzy Nguyen dropping over 6 seconds in her 100 fly from 1:30.10- 1:24.03
Event #16 showed some new times with Orion Upham swimming 36.12 and Caio Cobb Rodrigues swimming a 56.44
Finally we have event #17 Orion Upham swam a 1:20.19, Mahala-Mwaka Melcher swam a 1:29.04 breaking 1:30 from her previous 1:30.54, and Katherine Herring swimming a time of 1:33.60