Lots of Great Swims at PASL for PAC Swimmers!

Danny Weinberg
Dec 22, 2018

Many PAC swimmers competed in a PASL meet on Saturday, December 22nd.  Below are some of the key highlights for each swimmer that participated:


Astrid Brindle – Completed first 25 Breaststroke and 50 Backstroke in competition!

Gretchen Brindle – Dropped over 18 seconds in the 100 Backstroke!

Alexander Chin – Strong performance in the 50 Fly!

Caio Cobb Rodrigues – 2 best times!  Completed first legal 100 Backstroke!

Leela Cobb Rodrigues – Completed first 25 Breaststoke and 25 Fly in competition!

LucyWest Craig – Dropped one second in her 50 fly!

Marcus Hanlon – 3 best times in the 200 IM, 100 Breast and 50 Free!

Janika Jordan – 3 best times in the 100 Breast, 100 Fly and 50 Free!

Lucas Kugel – Dropped over 6 seconds in the 50 Free and swam 25 fly for the first time!

Seth Kugel – Dropped over a second in the 50 Free and swam 25 fly for the first time!

Emma Lee– Swam the 100 Free, 25 Fly and 25 Breast for the first time in compeition and stayed legal!

Ethan Lee – Dropped over 5 seconds in the 50 Free!

Elie Mayhew – Swam a legal 100 Backstroke for the first time in compeition!

Keelin Shockley – Dropped close to 3 seconds in the 50 Free and swam a legal 100 Breaststroke!

Emma Lee– Swam the 100 Free, 25 Fly and 25 Breast for the first time in compeition and stayed legal!

Ethan Lee – Dropped over 5 seconds in the 50 Free!

Mt. Scott

Thea: Thea did a great job swimming her 100’s ! All best times since she had no times for them before but still awesome swims! You can see the effort she puts in at practice in the pool and she definitely looked like she was having fun!

Mahala-Mwaka: Mwaka had some awesome swims! 2 best times and a first swim! She swam a great 200 knocking off .75 seconds from her time at Canby, and knocked of .18 in her IM! She did a great job with her 100 backstroke and continues to work hard in and out of the pool!

Lydia: Lydia did an amazing job swimming 2 best times and an event that she had never swam before! She even won her heat and was super excited to get that lollipop! She cheered on her teammates and worked hard in the pool even if she was nervous to have back to back events!

Silas: Silas had some awesome swims dropping time in his 25 breast and free, and getting a time in the 25 fly for the first time! He even was able to win his heat!!! Silas works hard every day at practice and that shows in the water at meets!

Noah: Noah had an amazing drop in his 200 free at over 18 seconds!!! He did well in the rest of the meet as well swimming a great 50 back and dropping time in his 50 breast! After a day filled with skiing and snowboarding the day before!!

Orion: Orion had a rocking start to the meet dropping 7.74 seconds in his 100 breast! He finished the meet strong racing new events and landing 100% PRs!! He cheered on his teammates and was always positive even when having to wait until the end of the meet to swim! He even landed some heat winners!

Kaylee: Kaylee was fantastic, especially swimming an event that she never had before! She did a great job in her 200 breast going just over 3 minutes! She dropped over 12 seconds in her 200 free as well!! She did an amazing job with both 200’s and all of her swims!

Daisy: Daisy had an awesome first meet! She worked hard, got some heat winners, and faced her nerves! She had some awesome swims and worked hard to go her fastest! I can’t wait to see what else she can do swimming with PAC!

Simon: Simon had an amazing first meet!!! He finished 1st in his 100 breast, 2nd in his 50 free, and 5th in his 100 IM! This was Simons first meet with PAC and he was stellar! Always had a smile, cheering for his teammates, and wanting to work harder!

Ethan: Ethan had an awesome meet with 2 best times in the 100 back and 100 free, 5.13 and 2.02 respectively. His 100 breast was also right on pace with his previous best time! He worked hard for his improvements and did a great job!

Marcus: Marcus did a great job swimming two best times! He dropped 2.15 seconds in his 100 free and .21 in his 50! He worked hard to show off all of the work that he’s been putting in at practice!

Jiayan: Jiayan did really well this meet swimming three new events for her! She swam hard and tried her best every race and cheered on her teammates in between! She work her tail off and it showed in the water!!!

A big shoutout to all of our volunteers!!! We had at least 5 parents from our pool alone that volunteered to time! Thank you to all the parents and swimmers who were able to take time out to come and participate in the meet! It wouldn’t happen without you!


Cecelia Ku – Cece had 3 first places finishes along with 2 best times.

Zacharias Melaku – Zach had 2 best times and first place finish in the 100 Fly.

Elizabeth Nguyen – Lizzy had a 2 second drop in the 50 free and competed in the 200IM for the first time.

Ayana Winter – Ayana competed in her first ever meet with PAC and competed in the 50 free for the first time.