Updated Inclement Weather Policy

Jody Braden
Feb 7, 2019

With the great possibility of extended snow starting tomorrow through the next week or so PAC is going to do everything possible to have practice at any pool that is open and a coach can safely get to.  So, please watch our website, your email, the team feed and E- Boards for updates on practices and times.  We are in contact with a former PAC parent who does pinpoint weather and Portland Parks daily so we will update all of you on the status of practice.  Thank you and please be safe on the roads the coming week or so.

Inclement Weather or Disasters: Updated 2.07.19

PAC typically will follow Portland Public School's closures for our age group site pools (Columbia, Mt. Scott, SWCC) and will have practice at Dishman for our Elite and Crossover 1 and 3 swimmers if the pool is open.  However, Portland weather can change quickly and many of our pools are open in time for PAC.  So, please watch your email, the website/ team feed, and our E-Boards for updates from our coaches as they will run practice if they can get to the pool.  Ultimately, it is up to each individual family to decide if it is safe to travel the roads and if you cannot make it please email your coach for some activities do do on your own.