Ted Walker

Jesse Raskauskas
Jun 26, 2019

Ted Walker Meet:

With high winds and big goals, PAC swimmers went all out last weekend. Thank you to all of the families who help volunteer to time, and officiate making this meet possible. Water was so inviting that even Coach Charlie and Coach Danny both swam in the Coaches Ducky race. Congrats to Kaien Tan who set new PAC 8&U Records in the 200 Free, 200 IM and 50 Fly!

Mt. Scott: 

Lucia Beeler: New fast time for the 100 Free & 50 Fly.

Riley Connor: 5th in the 50 Free, & new 50 Breast time.

Isaac Stamper: personal best in the 100 back & 7th in the 100 Fly.

Orion Upham: Two new times in the 100 Breast & 200 Free.


Astrid Brandle: 3/3 Best times!  Dropped close to 8 seconds in the 50 Fly!

Gretchen Brandle:  3/3 Best times!  Swam an awesome, well-raced 100 Free!

Caio Cobb Rodrigues:  Dropped over 7 seconds in the 200 IM!  All 4 strokes are improving! 

Leela Cobb Rodrigues:  Swam first long course 200 IM.  Dropped 3 seconds in the 50 Breast too! Completed LC 9&U IMR!

Cate Coffield:  6/6 Best times!  Backstroke races looked great all weekend! Completed LC 12 Year Old IMR!

Megan Coffield:  Completed first long course 100 Fly and finished her 10 year old LC IMX!

Jasper DeFrain:  Great 50 Backstroke swim in his very first PAC meet!

Marcus Hanlon:  7/7 Best times!  Dropped an entire minute in total time!  Completed 13 year old LC IMR!

Girard Harvieux:  Swam first long course 100 Breast and 50 Fly and looked great in both races!

Lila Howard:  Great 100 Free swim (dropped 3 seconds), and was pulling water with a ton of power in the 200 Free relay!

Joshua Lee:  Dropped over 7 seconds in the 100 Free and swam his first 400 LC IM. 

Julien Loriaux:  Dropped over 18 seconds in the 100 Free!

Lelia Loriaux:  Backstroke and Freestyle races both looked awesome!

Louisa Lungershausen: 6 new best times!  Great even splitting in the 200 Free! Complete her 12 year old LC IMX!

Zola Lungershausen:  Swam aggressively all weekend and, dropped 5 seconds in the 200 Back!

Cami Mastalir:  Raced really well in the 50 Free and 50 Breast. 

Ellie Mayhew:  3/3 Best times! Dropped over 5 seconds in just a few weeks in the 100 Free.

Marina Morton:  Swam a full lineup over 2 days and looked really good in her longer swims (200 Free, 200 Breast).

Sonia Schnell:  Swam her first 200 LC fly and looked very good.  Butterfly looked really good all weekend. 

Keelin Shockley:  Completed her first 200 LC IM and dropped over 3 seconds in the 100 Free. Completed her 10 year old LC IMR!

Kaien Tan:  Looked really good in the 50 Back and dropped over 4 seconds in the 200 Free. Completed his 9&U LC IMX!

Andie Wieber:  Swam a nice 400 IM and achieved new A times in the 400 IM, 200 Free and 100 Free! Completed her 13 year old LC IMX!


Zoe Chapin had a fantastic meet with 100% best times and all were big drops!

Nick Dentel dropped nearly 6 seconds in his 200 free, swimming with great length and figuring out his potential.

Opal Derr had a great meet and was 5/6 in PR's including over a 17 second drop in the 200 free!

Joaquin Kieffer dropped over 3 seconds in an impressive 100 backstroke.

Cece Ku placed first in all of her events as an 8&U, great job!

Sydney Little dropped 2 seconds in her 50 free and swam like a beast in 5 new events for her including the 200 IM!

Thomas Little swam 3 events for the first time and also dropped over 2.5 seconds in his 50 free.

Zach Melaku dropped over a second in his 100 free and also had a drop in his 50 fly, both of which are his stronger events.  Great Job!

Henry Merrill had 100% best times and his fly that he'll swim at State continues to improve.

Quinton Perkins had 100% best times and a big highlight was over a 6 second drop in the 100 free!

Kayla Spiegelberg had 3 best times including over a 20 second drop in the 100 fly!  Right on her best in the 100 breast with a top 3 finish.

Atticus Wahab-Holles had a very agrressive 100 free earning a new PR in the event.

Seneca Wahab-Holles dropped almost 6 seconds in his 100 free!

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