Foster Lake Cable Swims: PAC Outstanding

Jody Braden
Jul 1, 2019

Fourteen PAC swimmers, Coach Lily and parent Sara Cannon participated in the Foster Lake Cable swims this weekend in beautiful weather and not too chilly waters in the Lake.  For many of our swimmers this was their first open water event and for all it was their first cable swim (where they follow a cable under water for ¼ mile, turn at a buoy and keep going until they are done.  PAC had swimmer in the ½ mile race 1 mile, and 2 mile (some did both the 1 and 2).  It was a lot of fun to watch and even Lee Cannon and Patricia Hatzikos got experience officiating the race from a boat! 

Let’s get a bigger group out next year and maybe some up to Seattle for a race in September!  Way to go PAC!

½ mile swim:

Maxwell Thompson finished first in the 11-12 boys

1 mile swim:

13-14 Girls: Anika Wiedholz, 3rd

15-16 Girls: Quinn Brown, 2nd, Lena Wiedholz, 3rd

17+ Girls: Greta Cannon, 1st and Mischa Brown, 3rd

13-14 Boys: Henry Cannon, 1st and Michael Spicer, 2nd

15-16 Boys: Calvin Thompson, 5th

17-18 Boys: Alex Hatzikos, 2nd

2 Mile Swim:

15-16 Girls: Lena Wiedholz, 2nd and Stephany Castellanos- Welsh, 3rd

17+ Girls: Greta Cannon, 1st,

20+ Women: Coach Lily, 1st and Sara Cannon, 2nd

13-14 Boys: Henry Cannon, 1st and Jake Wilson- Goodwin, 2nd

15-16 Boys: Alex Johnson, 4th

17+ Boys: Alex Hatzikos, 1st and Camden Searcy, 2nd

More photos: