Sprint to the Finish (of the season) for PAC Swimmers at DDAC!

Charlie Ellertson
Aug 6, 2019

Well, this was the end of the 2018-2019 season, but many of our swimmers decided to swim in a fun meet at DDAC where all swimmers could elect to swim a 50 of every stroke. It was a great way to end the season, and the team had a blast with mixed boys/girls relays for each stroke.  The meet was short and sweet, but the results also showed that our kids are continuing to improve every meet they compete in!  Here are some of the highlights.  


Charlotte Ames had a drop in the 50 breast and made a big help in several of the relays.

Ethan Block swm his first 50 fly and had over a second drop in the 50 free!

Zoe Chapin had a 1.4 second drop in the 50 breast.

Jonathan Chi had huge drops in the 50 breast, including a 3.6 second drop in the 50 fly.

Eleanor Clements had 2 big drops in the 50 fly and 50 free.

Caio Cobb Rodriguez had over a 2 second drop in the 50 fly.

Leela Cobb Rodiguez dropped nearly 10 seconds in the 50 fly!

Elliot Funk had great swims for the first time in the 0 back and 50 free.

Ethan Hanson, our old man from college :) raced well and made a great impact on our relays.

Jane Hanson had a PR in the 50 breast and did great on the relays.  It was fun to see her and Ethan be on relays together.

Girard Harvieux had an amazing 50 free, dropping over 8 seconds in the 50 free.

Janika Jordan had 100% best times in for the day.

Jiayan Joslin had over a 4 second drop in the 50 back!

Lucas and Seth Kugel both had huge drops in all of their swim and made great contributions to relays as well.

Andrew Lee had fun swimming 50's which he hasn't swam in a few years since aging up.  He also placed st in the 50 free.

Joshua Lee had great swims all around and placed 4th in the 50 breast.

Matthew Lee had a solid 50 breast and free that were right n par with his best times.

Thomas and Sydney Little were great on realys and recorded some of their first short course yard times for PAC.

Cameron Mastalir had impressive swims, including a 4th place finish in the 50 breast.

Kairi McMullin placed first in the 8&U 50 free!

Zach Melaku had PR's in the 50 breast and 50 back

Ayumi Nagayama had 2 best times which included a 3rd place finish in the 50 fly.

Claire Niemeyer had a PR in the 50 free and placed 2nd!

Kathryn Niemeyer had over a 13 second drop in the 50 free!

Shamus Pauli had over a 2 second drop in the 50 free, almost breaking 30 seconds.

Astraea Quisenberry swam her first recorded short course times and was an awesome contribution to several relays.

Felix Riley had several great swims, all placing within the top 10 of the respective events.

Elijah Smith had great swims including a 1st place finish in the 50 breast.

Levi Smith had 3 PR's in this meet!

Stela Sufuentes had 2 best times durin this meet and had three 4th place finishes

Orian Upham had 2+ second drops in the 50 free and 50 fly!

Summer Whittle had recorded her first SC times with PAC and swam great, which included a 5th place finish in the 50 back.