Great to see PAC Swimmers back in action at Lacamas Meet!

Danny Weinberg

It was awesome to see 50 PAC athletes back in action at the Lacamas meet!  This was the first time our swimmers had raced in a sanctioned competition since early March and it did not disappoint!  While adhering to social distancing protocols and literally wearing masks until seconds before the race, PAC swimmers brought great energy and raced hard.  It was fun to see the competitiveness of our athletes come out again and the team spirit was as strong as ever.  Meet results are now uploaded and you can read the highlights below:


Zoe Chapin: Had an awesome day with 2 new best times including a 9.04 drop in the 100 FR and a great first time swim and 1st place in the 200IM!

Opal Derr: Swam 2 best times including a huge 19.47 drop in the 100FR, and awesome first time swim and 2nd place in the 200BK@

Eugene Fedutinov: Great performances in all 3 of his first time swims in SCM, including 3rd place in the 100IM and 100BR!

Ariella Henig: Had an amazing day with 4 first time swims in SCM, including a 2nd place in both the 50BR and 100BR!

Marcus Moore: Had a great day with 3 new best times including a 7.81 drop and a 1st place finish in the 100IM!

Lizzie Nguyen: Swam 3 best times including a big 16.06 drop in the 100FR and had an awesome 7th place finish in her first attempt at the 100FL!

Bailey Trahan: Had an amazing day with a 1st place sweep in all 4 events, 3 best times, and a whopping 17.66 drop in the 100FR!

Taylor Trahan: Had a 2.67 drop in the 100FL and swam to a 3rd Place in the 200BR!

Antalya Williamson: Swam 3 best times including a 4.51 drop in the 200FR and had an awesome first time swim in the 200BK!


Lucia Beeler: 1st place in the 100 IM & 50 Back! 

Eleanor Clements: 2nd in the 100 Breast, & best time in the 50 Free.  


Micheal Rust: 3rd in the 200 Free, best times in the 100 Free & 100 Fly.  


Orion Upham: Two personal best swims in the 100 Back & 50 Free. 


Junhua Wei: 1st. Place in the 100 Back & 100 Breast with a new “A” time in the 100 Breast. 


Alexander Chin:  Awesome 100 Breast swim.  We're looking forward to a great season from Alexander!

Caio Cobb Rodrigues:  Great swims across the board and finished 1st in 12&U 200 Free and 100 IM.  

Cate Coffield:  Strong 100 IM swim, and backstroke looked as good as it did pre Covid!

Marcus Hanlon:  Dropped time in all his races, and finished first in the 50 Breast!

Jane Hanson:  Huge drops in many of her races, and a great 200 Free that's been long overdue.  

Hewitt Hu:  Hewitt looked great all around, and he really attacked his 100 Free.  

Joshua Lee:  Though it's been a while since Joshua swam SCM, a 23 second drop in the 100 free is not too shabby.  

Louisa Lungershausen:  Louisa's 200 Free was paced well and she looked really strong.  

Sonia Schnell:  In addiiton to some nice looking breaststroke swims, Sonia's backstroke is coming around!

Stela Sufuentes:  All Stela's strokes looked great.  Especially her fly!

Andie Wieber:  Andie looked good across the board, and her backstroke technique looked efficient.  


Defne Alpay:  Defne dropped 10 seconds in the 200 IM and finished 1st in her age group.

Issac Anderson:  Issac won all the events in his age group and dropped 10 seconds in the 50 Breast.  

Henry Cannon:  Henry's freestyle looked extremely balanced, winning both the 100 and 200 in his age group.  

Stephany Castellanos-Welsh:  Big drops for Steph including a 20 second drop in the 200 IM.

Adrian Clement:  The sprints looked really sharp for a swimmer who hasn't raced in 6 months!

Tristen Cook:  Tristen's breaststroke looked efficient and relaxed.  

Amos Crafts:  Amos had a strong 100 Breast, finishing first in his age group!

Fallon Dewitt:  Fallon really went after in her 200 Back and showed great "get out" speed.  

Hazel Derr:  Backstroke races both looked realy strong, and split a pretty good 200.  

Aidan Johnson:  Aidan had a great first meet for PAC going faster than his converted times in several swims.  

Alex Johnson:  Strong 1st place finishes in the 200 Free and 100 Fly.  

Joaquin Kieffer:  Looked good across the board finishing first in his age group in the 200 Free and 100 Breast. 

Andrew Lee:  Strong underwaters throughout the meet led to a 1st place finish in the 50 Back.  

Zola Lungershausen:  Zola won the 50 back and 50 free for her age group!

Sabrina McGarvey:  Sabrina swam a variety of events and showed how well rounded she is.  

Owen Mills: Awesome first place finish in the 200 Back!

Thomas Nguyen: Thomas dropped over 7 seconds in the 100 Free!

Michael Spicer:  Fly looked great across the board and finished 1st in the 50 and 200 Fly!

Jackson Weinberg:  Jacksn dropped 25 seconds in the 200 Free and that was with a quick wave to his teammates during his 3rd 50!

Annika Wiedholz: AWow a 46 second drop in the 100 IM for Annika!

Lena Wiedholz:  Finished first in the 100 Fly, 50 Breast and 200 Breast!

Jake Wilson-Goodwin:  Swam a super gutsy 200 Fly to end a great meet!



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