2020 OR LaCamas Fall Fling Swim Meet

Danny Weinberg

We are in the process of scheduling a swim meet for all athletes on Friday November 6th, 2020 at the LaCamas Athletic Club.  This will be a dual meet run virtually.  A request for sanction has been submitted and we are awaiting approval.  More detailed information will be posted shortly including timeline and event sign up, and volunteer opportunities.    

A rough time line will be 10 & Under swimmers from approximately 6-7:30pm and 11 & Over from approximately 7:30-9:45pm.  Deck space will be very limited and request that only those with an assigned job come on deck.  We are working to set up a live video feed for the meet.   We realize this is short notice so are posting now with more detailed information to follow.  We are excited to provide this opportunity and thank you for your support and understanding.