PAC Athletes Compete in Phoenix and St. George

Scott Miyako

On March 19th-28th, PAC had the great honor of sending 4 swimmers to the 2021 Four Corners Speedo Sectionals and 6 swimmers to the 2021 Speedo Swimvitational of the Universe! For all of our swimmers, this was the first time in over a year that they had seen actual competition (swimmers from other teams). Heading into the meet, there was a mixture of excitement and uncertainty of the unknown. What will a COVID meet look like? Will I remember how to race? Am I ready? All questions that our swimmers asked themselves, and bravely and boldly answered to themselves, there’s only one way to find out!. Arriving at a meet with 400+ participants was at once so familiar, but so foreign from what we have become accustomed to this year. For the most part, the meets looked a lot like regular meets. Teams warmed up in their own lanes, coaches sat at tables that lined the pool, masked swimmers walked freely about the deck and cheered for their teammates. While spectators were not allowed on deck, many watched and cheered through gaps in the fences surrounding the facilities. PAC swimmers showed up to the meets armed with positive mental attitudes, prepared for anything, and determined to give it their all and have a fun time.  However, as soon as our swimmers got behind the blocks, it was clear they weren’t just there to have fun. They were there to prove to themselves and everyone else that PAC swimmers cannot be brought down by the pandemic; they cannot be kept down by time out of the water or by late practice times outside of their home pools. PAC swimmers gave it their all in every single swim, and at the end of the two meets, they had raced to 30 finals events, 8 top 10 finishes, 28 personal best times, 2 broken PAC records, and 1 first-place swim! The PAC coaches were so proud of all of the swimmers and blown away by their performances. Coach Scott was honored to be the coach on deck, but he was rapid-firing text updates to Coach Westley and Coach Jesse who were with the rest of the team at home. PAC had a thrilling time both in and out of the water at the meets and created a lot of great memories. At the end of the day, it was the big smiles that were left on the swimmers’  faces that made all of the hard work worth it. Congratulations to all of our Sectional and Swimvitational swimmers. Thank you for doing such an amazing job representing PAC in Arizona and Utah and making us all so proud to be a part of PAC!


Defne Alpay: Swam to 3 best times including a 1.08 drop in her 200BR in finals and 18.52 drop in the 1000FR!

Adrian Clement: Couldn’t touch the water without crushing his best times. He swam to 7 best times including a phenomenal 20.88 swim in the 50FR and placed 1st in the event!

James Crawford: Had 4 fast individual swims in Utah and really surprised himself with a fantastic swim in the 200 FR with a time of 1:50.47!

Fallon DeWitt: Was swimming faster and faster every single day of the 7 days of meets. She swam to a 5th place in the 400IM and a 9th place in the 200BK in Utah. She had a breakout swim in the 200BK where she swam a blistering 58.50 in her 100 split!

Hazel Derr: Swam to 4 best times and broke 2 PAC records in the 200BK (Girls 15-16, and Girls Open) with a time of 2:00.40! She also placed 4th in the 200BK finals at Sectionals and brought home a big medal!

Michael Spicer: Swam to 6 best times including a 2.89 drop in his 200FL and raced the most Fly events (850 yards and 300 meters) anyone has ever seen in 8 days!

Jake Wilson-Goodwin: Had an amazing meet in Utah and swam to 8 best times, including a .53 drop in the 50FR and 2.63 drop in the 100BK!


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