PAC crushes the competition at Tribal Vibe Meet!

Scott Miyako

57 PAC swimmers took to the Lacamas lanes, April 23rd-35th, at the 2021 OR Tribal Vibe Meet. The meet kicked off with relays and long distance on Friday night. PAC's 24 relay teams were a force to be reckoned with! Saturday and Sunday brought some cloudy skies and colder weather, but this didn't stop the PAC swimmers. PAC athletes swam 262 individual swims, 83 of which were first-time swims and 106 personal bests! The meet was not scored, but the PAC coaches and swimmers finished the weekend feeling like winners. PAC volunteers made up more than 1/3 of the officials and helped make this meet a success! Thank you to all of our volunteers, and congratulations to all of our swimmers on a fantastic meet!


PAC 12&Under

Charlotte Ames had an amazing weekend with 3 2nd second-place finishes and added two “ A” times in the 50 Back & 50 Free.


Lucia Beeler, personal best swim in the 50 back, & new time in the 50 Fly!


Mena Boardman, Had a big weekend with six 1st place finishes! Mic Drop :) 


Evi Clark had a great 1st meet with PAC and did well with 3 new times.


Calo Cobb Rodrigues, had a full meet with 3rd in the 100 back, 2nd in the 100 free, 200 free, & 50 free.  With all of that he won the 100 Fly.


Leela Cobb Rodrigues, swim hard all three days, crushing seven events, Best was in the 200 free.


Rose Crawford, Three new best times, & 4th in the 100 fly.


Girard Harvieux, Wow what a meet, 2nd in the 100 back & 1st place in the 50 fly.


Hewitt Hu, First place in 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Free, 100 IM, 200 Free, & 50 Free! WoW!


Amanda Kallenberger, Great meet two personal best times in the 50 Back & 50 Brest.


Cecelia Ku, What a great job 3rd place in the 50 back, 100I.M. & 1st. In the 100 Back.


Daisy Le’Engel, Wonderful first meet with PAC


River Le’Engel Did a great job at 1st meet & did awesome in the 50 Free.


Clara Penny, Awesome swims in the 100 Free & 100IM.


Keelin Shockley, Really stepped up and had a great meet, Best place in the 200 Free.


Yuing Song, 4th place in the 50 Back & new time in the 100 Breast.


Harper Stegeman, 3rd in the 100 Breast, great swims in the 100IM & 50 Back.


Elouise Van Hagen, Did a great job in the 50 Back & 50 Free!


Gus Williams, Had a great meet and crushed the 50 freestyle.




PAC 13 & UP

Alpay, Defne : Dropped time in 4 of 6 events including a whopping 13 seconds in the 400 free.

Cannon, Henry: Improved times in 4 of 6 events also he swam the 400 IM for the first time and got a second place.

Chapin, Zoe: Had a solid meet been her 100 breast her biggest improvement.

Chin, Alexander: Had a great meet been the 200 back he’s fastest race by dropping 13 seconds.

Clement, Adrian: Solid performances and won 3 of 5 events.

Coffield, Catherine: Had a great meet and her biggest improvement came in 100 back where she dropped 2 seconds.

Crafts, Amos: Improved by 13 seconds in the 200 IM getting a 7th place.

Crawford, James: showed solid performances in all of he’s swims obtaining 3 first place and 2 second places.

Crawford, Rose: Showed 4 solid swims including a 1.31 improvement in the 100 breaststroke.

Derr, Hazel: Improved 9 seconds in the 100 fly and won the 100 breast!

Derr, Opal: Improved all of her 6 events and dropped 8 seconds in the 50 fly.

Drexler, Macy: had 4 solid swims including a 6th place in the 50 breaststroke.

Goldthwaite, Kylan: swam 4 great events including a 7th place in the 50 backstroke.

Hanlon, Marcus: Had an awesome 100 back improving 10 seconds.

Hanson, Jane: Had an incredible meet improving in all her 6 events including an A time in the 800 free.

Jordan, Janika:  Swam a good 50 fly and got a 8th  place.

Kieffer, Joaquin: Had a busy and successful meet swimming 7 events having spectacular 200 free were he dropped 3.35 seconds and achieving an A time!

Lee, Andrew: Put a lot of effort in all of the events being the 100 back and 100 free he’s best events.

Lee, Joshua: Solid effort in all of the events with very fast 50 freestyle.

McGarvey, Sabrina: Showed 6 good swims being the 100 breaststroke her best event with a 2.73 improvement.

Mills, Owen: Did he’s very best to represent the team including first ever 200 free in the short course meters pool.

Nguyen, Elizabeth: Had a great meet being the 100 breast and the 50 fly her best events improving 2.84 and 1.70 respectively.

Nguyen, Thomas: Had 3 best times and 2 first ever swims being the 50 fly he’s best event with a 9.15 drop.

Perkins, Quinton: Improved all of he’s 4 events including a whopping 14.81 drop in the 100 free.

Searcy, Caiden: Busy and successful meet for Caiden improving 4 of 6 events including and incredible 38.85 drop in the 400 free.

Song, Yuwen: swam 2 events for the first time in short course meters showing a lot of confidence.

Spicer, Michael: Improved 3 of 5 events in including a 2.49 and a first place in the 200 fly.

Thomas, Jackson: Fast meet for Jackson including a 5.86 improvement in the 100 free.

Thompson, Maxwell: represented the team in 8 events and swam a 17.93 seconds personal best in the 100 free.

Trahan, Bailey: Solid performances including a 7.56 seconds improvement in the 50 backstroke.

Trahan, Taylor:  Did a great effort in all of her events including a 5th place in the 50 fly.

Upham, Orion: Swam 3 fast events including personal best in the 100 and 50 free!

Weinberg, Jackson: swam 4 solid races in including personal best in the 100 and 50 breaststroke.

Wieber, Andie: Had a great meet wining 4 out of 5 events and obtaining 4 new A times!

Wiedholz, Anika: Had a fast meet in including a big drop of 8.34 seconds in the 50 fly and 2.40 in the 200 free!

Wiedholz, Lena: Showed solid performances in all her races being the 200 free her best event where she improved 3.35 seconds and won the event!

Williamson, Antalya: Got big drops in most of her events in including an 8.98 seconds improvement in the 100 free.

Wilson-Goodwin, Jake: Obtained 3 personal best including a win in the 800 free.











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